How to straighten curly hair: 5 methods (besides the straightener)

Come lisciare i capelli ricci, piastra e non solo: 5 metodi

Each woman has her own style in terms of hair: color, length, cut. There are those who love their natural color and those who play with highlights or even flashy colors, there are women who would never give up their long hair and others who opt for short and cheeky cuts. And then there is the usual dilemma: curly hair or straight hair? Usually, for a cruel twist of fate, those who have waves and curls on their heads would instead like to have very smooth and not very voluminous hair. Conversely, those who have had smooth hair from Mother Nature would gladly swap with a rebellious hair. Today, technology and products (industrial or natural) undoubtedly allow you to easily switch from one look to another, even following some small precautions. So let’s see how to straighten curly hair, with the plate and more.

How to straighten curly hair with the straightener

THE frizzy hair, typical of curly to afro hair, are a worry for many girls, who choose to straighten their hair also to have them more in order, having difficulty managing them. Indispensable, a tool that allows you to obtain optimal and long-lasting results, hairdressing-proof: the plate. In reality there are also other methods, but this is certainly the one with the best result, truly professional, also because now the plates sold on the market have nothing to envy to those used in salons.

The plate it is used on dry, not damp hair and to protect them from high temperatures it is preferable to prepare them with a special product that acts as a protective barrier (thermal protector). The advice is to always proceed on small locks: you need a lot of patience, but it is the only way to ensure a perfect and homogeneous result. If necessary, you can repeat the operation on the same strand twice, if the hair is particularly unruly and resistant.

Although many girls love the effect of perfectly smooth and tidy hair, the straightener is still a tool that stresses the hair, therefore it is good not to abuse it and not to use it every day. Also because it has a particular side effect: split ends!

How to straighten curly hair without a straightener: 5 methods

There are several techniques and tricks to straighten the hair, which can still guarantee good results.

1. The smoothing masks

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Of course, they are not comparable to a chemical straightening performed by the hairdresser, but the smoothing masks they are a great way to hydrate the hair, soften it and smooth it, making it more silky. Especially if done before styling (with straightener, brush and hairdryer) the results are certainly better. Their power comes from the oils, which cover the hair shaft with a sort of sheath that closes the cuticles, nourishes the hair and regenerates it. The most suitable are almond, coconut, sunflower, Argan, castor, olive and flax oil. They are applied on the lengths, left to act for 30 minutes and then proceed with shampooing and drying. Pay attention to the quantities: a few drops of oil are enough!

There are also straightening masks homemade, which do not damage the foliage. because they are completely natural. For example:

  • yogurt-based mask: mix 4 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 kiwi or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Distribute the mixture on the hair and wrap with cling film. After 20-30 minutes, proceed with rinsing.

Another ally of hair is milk, because it contains healthy fats and proteins, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore it nourishes, nourishes, detangles and hydrates the hair. Therefore:

  • milk-based mask: Fill a spray bottle with whole milk (coconut is fine too). Then spray evenly on damp hair, massaging both scalp and ends and lengths well. Detangle with a wide-toothed comb and rinse after 15 minutes to remove residues and the odor of milk. Proceed with drying.

2. The Swedish wheel

There Swedish wheel is an ancient home remedy for straightening hair, which involves the use of large curlers (alternatively, even the inside of a roll of toilet paper!). After washing them, proceed carefully with the division of the locks, starting from the center. Here, two large locks are wrapped in two curlers.

All the side hair, on the other hand, must be gathered around the head like a turban, as if it were a helmet, also covering the forehead. To keep everything still, you can use clothespins and it is recommended to cover the head with a special net, so that the locks do not slip away. For an amplified effect, it is advisable to sleep with the wheel and dissolve it in the morning, perhaps by spraying a fixing product to help hold the fold.

3. The right brush

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The round brushes are perfect for short or medium-long hair, because they can be used as if they were curlers, rolling the lock and pulling it, from root to tip, constantly under the hot air jet of the hairdryer. The brushes flat and wide are more suitable for long hair, to be used in the same way.

They also exist on the market electric straightening brushes, useful tool for those looking for a smooth, but also voluminous effect.

4. Kardoune

This name indicates a traditional fabric used in Algeria to smooth hair. It can be replaced, with good results, with an old pantyhose. After washing, drying and brushing her hair, she makes a low and not too tight ponytail. The entire length is wrapped in the fabric, making sure it stays stiff. The lower part closes with a knot or elastic. It is recommended to perform this technique before going to bed and dissolve the kardoune in the morning.

5. Keratin straightening

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For the laziest girls there are clearly more “definitive” and decisive methods, which allow you to have your hair in place for several weeks, without having to apply too much with plates, curlers and brushes. So how to straighten curly hair once and for all? The most used method is the keratin straightening, which is a non-aggressive method, as it uses an element rich in essential proteins for the hair. There is no added chemicals and it lasts from 3 to 4 months. The cost can even reach 150 euros.

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