How to put eyeliner in pen, all the techniques to try


The pen eyeliner is a tool that all make-up lovers should have in their beauty case, but what are the tips to apply it like a pro? We reveal them to you here.

Our relationship with make-up is made up of love and hate, but if you know like put the pen eyeliner it is possible to turn everything into an endless love story.

In a jungle of different products for color, texture, finish and texture, the pen eyeliner officially becomes part of those multipurpose products that can be used by everyone: both by those who are beginners with make-up & co., and by those who get along but have not yet understood how to make two lines perfect for those who use it to create graphic looks that take your breath away.

Felt tip, easy to grip and intense color: the characteristics of thepen eyeliner make it a real beauty must have, but although it may be within anyone’s reach, it is good to know it better and understand how to use it without errors and without smudging.

Curious to know how to apply it like a real PRO? We will reveal it to you.

How to put on pen eyeliner with tape

One of the biggest dilemmas of each eyeliner addicted is: how to make the perfect tail? And most importantly, how to make them the same on both eyes? It may seem easy, but it is one of the biggest challenges in the make-up world. The answer is there and it is called Scotch tape.

Take a small portion of it and apply it from the outer corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. This way you are going to make one oblique guide which will help you make both lines the same and with the same slope. Not only: you will say goodbye to smudges that will be limited by the adhesive tape or will end up on it.

Small tip: before applying the scotch tape on the face, pass it a couple of times on the hand in order to reduce the grip of the glue on the face and near the eyes. Alternatively you can also try using a patch or one Scotch tape of dressing paper.

Pen eyeliner with the teaspoon technique

It’s time to open the kitchen drawers and find the teaspoon perfect for applying pen eyeliner. We are not crazy, but we are just revealing you a little beauty hack to create the perfect line without fear and without errors.

Choose a spoon with a straight, straight handle so that you can use it as a guide to find the right angle of the end of the eyeliner. But not only: the concave part you will need it for the thickness of the line, just place it on the eyelid and use it as a guide.

With a couple of strokes you will get a delicate and thin line, without smudging and without errors. To try.

Put on eyeliner with the hairpin technique

If these two little tricks weren’t enough for you, we have a third one for you. All, absolutely all, we have one hairpin dispersed in a beauty case, in a bag or in some jewelry box. Well that poor lost hairpin could become yours trust ally to apply eyeliner and to do this, just use the stamping method and create the final tail.

The steps are simple and the result will be seen on the first try. To do this, just color the two ends of the hairpin with eyeliner and, after doing so, place them at the end of the eye thus creating a tail that you will then fill with eyeliner.

Easy, perfect even for beginners but, beware, this method does not allow you to adapt the shape to the type of eye and gaze.

How to put on eyeliner without smudging

Deburr is one of the most common mistakes when you apply eyeliner and, precisely for this reason, one must not be knocked down at the first blemish. For put on eyeliner without smudging, in addition to the hacks you just read, you can also run for cover after applying it.

First of all, always keep some cotton buds, make-up remover (better if biphasic) and a touch of concealer, whether liquid or cream, at hand. These tools will come in handy to correct any smudges and better define the limits of eyeliner and tail. Pass the cotton swab soaked in make-up remover and add a touch of concealer, to be blended with a cat’s tongue brush or with your finger, to keep the base clean.

Another tip, which you absolutely must not underestimate, is to reverse the order and steps of your full face make-up. First start from the eyes and then move on to the base with foundation, concealer, powder and everything else you love. This way you can more easily correct any errors or smudges.

You are now a true PRO of pen eyeliner. Trust!

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