How to protect the skin from the cold: natural and cosmetic remedies


Biting cold and frost, winter is like that, we know. But even if low temperatures can be an ally of health and beauty, we must take into account that the skin reacts to environmental aggressions. Precisely for this reason it is very important to take care of your skin perhaps with natural remedies, to keep it always hydrated and protected from low temperatures. But before running for cover it is important to follow some very simple rules. First of all hygiene: wash your face every morning with warm water, remove make-up before going to bed, because the skin, before being hydrated, must be clean and toned. Nutrition is also essential for beautiful skin: seasonal fruit and vegetables and drinking water to avoid negative effects. But how to moisturize the skin in winter? In this season the skin tends to be dry and dehydrated due to the low temperatures and the changes it receives when passing from heated environments to the cold external climate. The skin is therefore chapped and reddened and you have to run for cover by providing the right amount of hydration and nourishment. (continues after photo)

Here are some remedies to take care of the skin face and other parts of the body, including the lips, and how to protect them from the cold. To moisturize the skin of the face in winter you need to start with cleansing by washing the face morning and evening with a delicate cleanser and a soothing tonic. Apply a moisturizer and if you have particularly dry skin that tends to crack, choose a nutrient that will give you the right amount of lipids. If you go to the mountains, apply a cream with maximum protection. Make a nourishing face mask a couple of times a week. Even the body should not be neglected in the winter. When you take a bath, add a little bath salts that will help you purify the skin and then add the shower gel by massaging gently. If you prefer to take a shower, stay a few minutes under hot water and then gently wipe the shower gel with the help of a sponge on which you have also put a little exfoliating product. It is also important to dry the skin well, before moving on to the body cream. While leave it a little wet when using the oils (argan, sweet almonds) to massage until completely absorbed. (continue after the photos)

In winter the hands they often appear chapped and, especially the back, becomes rough and the skin tends to crack. It is therefore good to wash your hands with delicate soaps and dry them very well. When you go out, use gloves to keep them warm and, during household chores, wear rubber ones to avoid keeping them too much in contact with water. Regarding your favorite creams, those emollients based on avocado, shea or wheat germ. For the legs it is important to use moisturizing butters, among the most recommended is shea butters, especially if you buy it pure. It has a moisturizing, nourishing and soothing effect that makes it suitable even for sensitive and inflamed skin. In winter, the best ally for our lips is cocoa butter, preferably with honey, which contains moisturizing and protective agents. To prepare it at home we just need to mix a little honey and a little olive oil, mix them well and put a small amount on the lips. We can also help with moisturizing and very covering lipsticks to have beautiful and protected lips at the same time. and never forget i feet. comfortable shoes, suitable socks can help. But for the daily routine you can try using coffee grounds for a delicate scrub that reactivates the circulation and lots of shea butter.

In your home you can create moisturizing face masks that nourish the skin in depth keeping at bay the dryness that could arise from the temperature too cold. Try the banana face mask: crush a banana until it becomes creamy, add a teaspoon of honey a tablespoon of plain yogurt, mix everything and apply the mixture on the face: leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, pat your face with a soft and delicate towel. Your skin will regain its softness in an instant. You can also try a mask made from olive oil, which has elasticized properties and prevents skin dryness, honey, nourishing properties and eggs, which protect the skin. Mix a tablespoon of oil with a tablespoon of honey, add the egg and mix everything to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Massage on your face and leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse and apply your usual cream.

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