How to prepare your skin for the sun: nutrition, supplements, tricks and secrets


The appointment with the summer cannot ignore the preparation of the skin for the sun. Which must be done with scientific method and rigor. The first exposures are the crucial ones, even in late spring or “by chance” in the open air. Here are the advice of dermatologists

A beautiful tan is planned with commitment, just like a task or a desk project. Everything contributes to prepare the skin for the sun: from going out in the open air to the right skincare, passing through the “tanning” diet and specific treatments. Ready to roll out your tan-proof program?

Beware of the first sun exposures

The first step for accustom the skin to the sun is to take great care of the first exhibitions, including casual ones in the city and on trips out of town. Expect one long walk at the park? Whether by bike or on foot, apply a SPF solar filter. Today there are anti-UV creams with a light texture, suitable for the city and sport, which absorb quickly, leaving the skin dry and not greasy.

The early summer sun is very treacherous: the skin, in fact, hardly turns red, and therefore is erroneously perceived as less harmful – confirms the dermatologist Fabio Rinaldi, president of the IHRF (International Hair Research Foundation) – So we tend to underestimate the “trauma” that the skin undergoes right in late spring, in which the occasions of exposure to ultraviolet rays suddenly multiply ».

We are not referring only to the sun that you can take to the sea, lake or mountain: «what you take in city on the contrary, it is more dangerous ”- the expert explains. The reason? Often in these cases, sun exposure is involuntary and, therefore, unprotected. To this is added the smog which, according to numerous studies, amplifies the sun damage, causing the appearance of irritation, erythema and burns ».

The skincare to prepare the skin for the sun

The middle season is the ideal time to prepare the skin for the encounter with the scorching summer sun. First, it is good to use face creams that protect both from UV rays and from pollution, with SPF filters from 20 to 50, depending on the phototype. If you prefer a complete product – protective and moisturizing – know that the cosmetic choice is vast, without having to superimpose creams on top of each other.

“Sun damage, especially those induced by UVA rays present all year round, can accumulate and become evident even after many years – explains Dr. Rinaldi – The main effect is photoaging which occurs with discoloration, diffuse specks and accentuated roughness. To this aesthetic damage can be added degenerative skin complications such as actinic keratoses ».

If you use both moisturizing and protective creams, the skin is therefore predisposed to receive the best of the sun. Very useful are cosmetics that contain polyptytes, that is natural growth factors which have an anti-inflammatory or restructuring action on sun damage. Serums based on vitamins and antioxidant substances strengthen the skin’s defenses. One idea for example is to apply a Vitamin C booster under your moisturizer base.

Vitamin C serums

Detox and exfoliation for an even color tanning

Taking care of facial cleansing is a further step in preparing the skin for the sun, as it maintains the healthy skin and more defense.

«The extra trick is to make one deep cleansing of the skin that eliminates pollutants – suggests Dr. Rinaldi – using new products that contain ingredients capable of capturing smog particles ». This is the zeolite, a mineral composed of microspheres of lava stone from Vesuvius: acts as a “natural sponge” capable of removing heavy metals which, infiltrated into the skin, worsen sun damage. You usually find it in black masks with a purifying action.

And does the scrub work to prepare the skin for the sun? The answer is yes, since by eliminating dead cells, it promotes a more beautiful and even tan. «Better to avoid, however, i do it yourself peeling, especially if you have acne: they can increase the risk of blemishes and skin infections. The same goes for exfoliating acids: the only one allowed before and during the solo is mandelic acid as it is not photosensitizing. All the others are to be postponed to September »- recommends the Dr. Fabbrocini. Products with micro granules are more suitable before the sun, both for the face and for the body.

Immediately after exfoliating, the skin should always be hydrated. A super idea for the body? Spread a conditioner with a rich texture when the skin is still damp, or use a elasticizing oil which keeps the tissues toned. An indispensable action, given that the sun tends to dry up the elastin fibers of the epidermis.

body scrub

One month before expose yourself to the sun you can prepare the skin by preparing it from the inside (the months increase to two if the skin is very light or if you have not been exposed for years). Taking targeted supplements, based on antioxidants, increases the body’s ability to defend itself against radicals and inflammation induced by exposure to UV rays. The result is a ‘golden tan and long-lasting.

In addition to the known and valid supplements based on beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin C, the newest are the polypodium, extracted from a fern that grows in the rainforests of South America. It is a plant of aquatic origin which, in the course of evolution, had to adapt to terrestrial life, developing specific compounds for protect yourself from the sun.

Another effective antioxidant to take by mouth is sulforaphane which is acquired mainly from brassica-type vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower), has a very sophisticated anti-free radical action.

Against the worsening of sunspots you can resort toSupplements extracted from maritime pine bark which counteract the uneven distribution of melanin.

Recent studies have shown that the administration of these new supplements determines a significant protection from solar erythema, induced by ultraviolet rays, reduces the cell damage induced by the sun.

acai bowl how to prepare it

Nutrition to stimulate melanin

A nice tan is achieved at the table. One must be done distinction between foods that stimulate melanin and foods that instead give a beautiful golden color to the skin. Among the former are all those foods that favor the formation of tyrosine by our body, it is the substance that starts the tan. These are: soy, egg white, spirulina, cheese, seafood.

Fruit and yellow colored vegetables and orangeinstead, they intensify the tan because they are rich in beta-carotene.

Other tips for preparing your skin for the sun

A widespread belief is that only one should prepare for the sun clear skin. Nothing more wrong! Dark skin also needs pre-sun care and attention.

«If on fair skin the effects of the sun are more immediate – Dr. Rinaldi remembers – la dark skin it could suffer from more subtle and obvious damage over the time, precisely because it is often mistakenly neglected ».

Some can be done UVA tanning lamp? “It would be better to avoid them because it would add further factors of solar damage to those already taken normally – reiterates Dr. Rinaldi. In theory, the lamps could be tolerated by the skin, as long as the filters of showers and beds are updated frequently ».

If you don’t like seeing yourself pale, you can resort to self-tanners that “don’t hurt your skin – assures the dermatologist – even if you have to consider that they could stain any discoloration already present, due to the oxidation of melanin”.

Otherwise, there is always the good old remedy of a walk in the fresh air. obviously always protected from first sun!

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