How to prepare your skin for spring: tips from skinfluencers


Spring is in the air! Ready to change your skincare routine? If you have any doubts about the products, follow the advice of the most famous TikTok skinfluencers!

New season, new skincare. Put aside the richest creams and the strongest cleansers: it’s time to refresh your beauty case with the right mix of products. But which ones to choose and how to use them? And most importantly, what is right (or wrong) to do? Surprisingly (but not too much) the advice of skinfluencers, real skincare gurus who are very popular on TikTok, come to the rescue. Here it is ten tips not to be underestimated!

Never without SPF: the advice of Hyram Yarbro @SkincarebyHyram

IS one of the most experienced skinfluencers and also one of the most famous thanks to its over two million followers. His advice for spring is to always use a cream or a sunscreen with SPF to protect the skin, especially if there are products with retinol (an ingredient to be applied to the face preferably in the evening) in the beauty routine. The protection factor it must never be less than 30SPF to make sure you create a protective screen that protects your face from sunburn!

Trevor Barret @ trevor.j.barrett and the glow look

Trevor recently posted a video about the spring skincare in which the must product is just the solar with very high protection factor (SPF50). Not only. Trevor also explains how to recreate the glowing look typical of the most beautiful season. The other products to focus on are one moisturizing cream, preferably in gel, and one illuminating powder to be applied on the cheeks. Finish passed with flying colors!

Mireya Rios @mireyarios and home made skincare

You are a lover of home made skincare? The most original tip comes from this skinfluencer who loves to experiment with unusual products. His cucumber eye mask (to do at home: a knife and a glass are enough to give the patches the right shape), is really worth trying, especially after a day spent in the sun.

Isabella Rae @ isabellarae19 and aloe vera

Isabella has a real obsession with aloe vera products. He recommends using a cleanser that gives deep cleansing to the skin before applying a serum (of course aloe) all over the face. The third and final step of the beauty routine that she suggests to show off a dewy look even in summer is the face lotion. To try!

Sambam_13 @ samor_13 and supplements for the beauty routine

“Who wants glowing skin this spring ?!” is the title of the video in which the skinfluencer Sambam talks about her personal experience to fight acne and blemishes that hit her face after a very heavy treatment. Tiktoker suggests adding a collagen supplement, to be taken daily together with a mix of ingredients that awaken the skin from within. In short, an ideal tip even for the laziest!

Kelly Foster @skinenneagram and vitamin C

There are many urban legends about this vitamin: it cannot be used when it is sunny (false!), It can damage the skin (another false: it reduces wrinkles and makes the skin brighter) and it is difficult to use. On this last point it is worth clarifying. There Vitamin C degrades easily (and, in fact, must always be stabilized in the formulas). Instead of buying products and not using them, it is better to check them vitamin C serums you have on the vanity table. Even if they are of excellent quality, if they have a different color from the original, it means that they are no longer able to do their job. Better to replace them with others!

Leena Roy and the coffee scrub

She is not yet a real influencer but with her videos she is on the right path. In this he gives a precious suggestion on how to make the scrub to renew the skin (fundamental step in the spring skincare routine): use coffee!

Niki Romano @winningskin and the “magic” ingredients

Niki is one of the most famous skinfluencers. The merit is of a viral video entitled “What I would and would not like to buy from Costco” (a large American chain of wholesale hypermarkets, ed). Product reviews are, therefore, its strong point, but between one review and another there are some tips to treasure. If you suffer from acne (even during the spring period, when the problem sometimes worsens), here is his “magic” recipe: retinol, niacinamide and solar. All tested on his skin.

Dr Dustin Portela @ 208skindoc and his #shavingtips

Dustin, one of the most popular dermatologists on Instagram – and a real celeb on TikTok – she answers any questions from users, even about hair removal. Spring is one of those moments when we begin to uncover our legs by resorting to last minute shaving. But what to do if annoying red dots appear afterwards? There are two solutions: change the razor and make sure it is always clean and new before using it and then apply, before and after, a moisturizing cream (using the same hair removal cream). Easy, right?

Helen @Thruhelenslens, the K-Beauty specialist (last tip on sunscreens)

The concept is clear: in the spring routine, sunscreen is a must (and all skinfluencers agree on this). But do you really know what is the right amount to apply on the face and how to measure it? Helen explains it to you in this very short video (spoiler: fingers are enough!).

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