How to prepare your hair for the beach: cuts and care


To cut or not to cut your hair before the holidays? This is one of the main doubts that concern our hair when we prepare for holidays. In this article you will find our tips for managing your hair before departure!

There’s a doubt which grips many people during the summer: i hair must be cut before or after the holidays? We can say that these belong to two main factions. Some prefer to do this after the holidays, when the hair is now stressed by the action of UV rays, wind and heat. Others, on the other hand, still prefer to do a trim first to feel tidy and ready to overcome even the temperature changes and the various annoyances to which the mane will inevitably be subjected during the long days on the beach trying to get a splendid tan.

This option is much more useful than you think: going to the beach with damaged hair only means postponing and even worsening the problems, adding them to the existing ones that inevitably appear if you don’t go to the hairdresser very often. For an always impeccable cut, well-kept and without split ends, it would be advisable to go to the salon every 6-8 weeks. It is not necessary to resort to drastic changes of look, but it is enough to fix the brittle and split ends.

Cut your hair at least a couple of weeks before going to the beach

Trim the mane before leaving, as mentioned before, it brings many benefits to your look. Going to the beach with damaged hair only means postponing and even worsening the problems, doubling them. If you go to the mountains, don’t think you are safe, because oxygen from high altitudes can cause dehydration and oxidation of the canopy. The same goes for the swimming pool, because chlorine is harmful!


In general, therefore, go to the hairdresser a couple of weeks earlier departure is recommended and indeed very desirable to have a good base to be treated with the right products during the days of sunbathing. On your return to the city, then, proceed with a cut that shortens the lengths and revitalizes the hair. It will be the time when they will need it most!

Avoid drastically changing your haircut before going on vacation

If you really can’t help but shorten or change your hairstyle in a decisive way, try to avoid too defined cuts, such as fringes and geometric and even hair. They are very difficult to manage! Instead, opt for a light one scaling that lightens the hair without changing its characteristics too much. With this solution, you can also leave your hair natural, emphasizing their characteristics, as well as letting you create beautiful and spontaneous wild-looking waves. They are the must of summer hairstyles and will give you a strong, natural and gritty look … So try to be daring with beach waves!


Beware of the bangs, it is no friend of the summer!

If your haircut is characterized by the presence of the fringe, is preferable avoid cutting it before leaving: on vacation, with high temperatures, it will be a real nightmare to manage! Unless you have straight hair like spaghetti that doesn’t even need to be styled, in general there will be a lot of hassle. Especially since the fringe with heat and water tends to curl and become indomitable. Also, do you have any idea of ​​the sweat on your forehead that might be forming?
The best choice is a nice one full-bodied tuft, which you can fix with bands, pegs or clips. The latter are super trendy and allow you to create original hairstyles, even combining them with clothes!

If your bangs are too long, try not to touch them right now, but be patient and use the accessories.

Take dietary supplements for your hair

There are also numerous supplements and substances that, if taken regularly and correctly, can help the hair. These are ingredients with strengthening and healing properties that contribute to the beauty and health of the hair.

The best option would be to start a treatment at the one month before leaving for the holidays wheat germ. It contains vitamin A, B and magnesium in large quantities. These are elements that greatly help hair health and keep them strong, healthy and shiny!

hair supplements

Then take additional vitamins, such as B6 and the B12, which strengthen the hair making it brighter and more vigorous.

In addition to the cut, avoid hair dyes during the summer

Dye your hair before going to the beach it is not a very big move: sun, salt, chlorine, sand and wind can turn off the color. In addition, the lengths and ends are likely to wear out quickly and become dry and break very easily.

However, if you really don’t want to do without starting with a stronger and more intense color before your holidays, always remember to take care of it. Your number one allies are protective sprays, nourishing masks, hats and scarves. Don’t forget to use specific shampoos for dyed hair, such as anti-yellow ones for blondes.

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