How to make this spider web tail for Halloween

Come realizzare questa coda ragnatela per Halloween

The night of Halloween is now close and in addition to the costume, the scary make-up and the themed nail art, we must also think about the hairstyles to combine with our disguises for this macabre night: gathered, teased, braids, frisé or timeless chignon, there are many types of hairstyles to choose from to arrange our hair to the fullest.

You can focus on bright colors and screaming accessories to make your hair the protagonists of the evening, but if you want to be the real stars of the scariest night of the year, here’s how to make the spider web tail.

Spider web tail

The low ponytail is one of the simplest hairstyles to do, even for the less experienced in hairstyles, so easy and fast that we end up considering it an all too “trivial” way to fix the hair. With the addition of a spider web decoration, however, it will be practically perfect. So here is a video that will give a twist to this hairstyle.

The Muscovite hairdresser Viola Pyak, through his account Instagram, shows us how she manages to recreate a splendid spider’s web by weaving a thick cotton thread in her hair.

Other original hairstyles to show off on Halloween night

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If you prefer a less dark look, you can opt for a fairy of the woods style, thus creating a floral hairstyle. You can make it both with loose hair, preferably with frisé or wavy, and with gathered hair, creating a precise and pulled chignon and adding a headband on which to apply the flowers on one side.

If you prefer a vampire look, one of the most popular for the night of Halloween, you can create a perfect make-up with sharp canines and drops of blood, coupled with a wet effect for your hair. Whether you decide to make a chignon or choose to keep your hair down, the wet effect is ideal for this hairstyle to make your look more bleak and unkempt. Roll the locks on themselves and fix them with a wet effect gel, bringing some even in front of the eyes.

You can always opt for a zombie-style disguise, one of the scariest of Halloween, recently brought back to the fore by hit television series, such as The Walking Dead. For this type of disguise, make-up is extremely important, but you can make it even scarier with the right look of your hair. Untidy and wild hairstyles work well. In addition, you can add a DIY climbed fringe to your style, creating steps at different heights with scissors. Use a straightener to make it completely smooth and ruffle the rest of the hair.

If you can’t give up on the quintessential symbol of Halloween, not even for your hair, then you can create a pumpkin-shaped hairstyle, creating several small buns or making only one in the center of the head. The important thing is to decorate them with orange ribbons and green accessories to recreate leaves and twigs.

Ready to choose the one that best suits your style?

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