How to make lips plumper with makeup: products and tips


To make the lips fuller with makeup, the usual gloss is not enough, which gives a fuller look. Today is a very outdated move! Girls all over the world enjoy following the suggestions (in technical jargon, tips & tricks) of make up artist most influential, specializing in the techniques of lip enlargement without retouching.
The source of inspiration is Kylie Jenner who has launched her own line of cosmetics with which to imitate her beauty look. On his Instagram profile he shows the switches on the wrist of the lipsticks that have made it iconic: flesh-colored, golden-brown and burgundy, all rigorously opaque.

So here is a proliferation of photos on social media that indicate the steps to have Kylie-style lips: start with the mouth “erased” by the foundation and continue with the outline drawing with a brown pencil, two tones darker than your own color. The novelty compared to the past consists in tracing diagonal lines along the labial mucosa, imagining to draw crosses. This is precisely the secret to having 3 D lips.

How to enlarge your lips with makeup

Of course, creativity does the rest: it ranges from more natural effects to more impactful ones. Colors? Anyone you want!

To achieve an immediate optical effect of volume on the lips, make-up certainly comes to our aid. For make thin lips appear larger and fuller without surgery, we just need to follow some rules that can give an immediately visible effect. Let’s see how!

The chiaroscuro it is the technique most used by painters, image professionals, yes, and also by make-up artists. Playing with light and shadowin fact, it is possible to obtain optical effects that are nothing short of amazing. How? Eg, illuminating the outline higher than the lips (called “cupid’s bow”, given its shape that recalls, in fact, an arch and gives the mouth the “heart” shape) it will appear more protruding and consequently the upper lip will seem more voluminous.

This happens because the light is bounced from a light color. To get this effect, choose one ivory pencil or a illuminating appropriate or a powder eyeshadow (not glitter, but satin) color Champagne.

How to increase the volume of the lips

For enlarge the lips, the nuance of the product is also very important. The colors of the pink, wisely chosen to match the skin, are very often natural and winning.

Another very interesting technique is to be mentioned: the colder the pink, the more it will “enlarge” the appearance of the lips, while the warmer it is, the greater the circumscription of the same. This is because the human eye is used by imprinting to widen the gaze when it sees cold colors (remember the sea, the sky) and to narrow it, instead, when it happens on warm colors.

To avoid too dark lipsticks which gray, put the mouth in the background with respect to the face and do not give three-dimensionality, “flattening” the appearance.

Who said fine lips can’t be painted a beautiful scarlet or Venetian red? Nothing more wrong. The red is a primary color, bright and intense that will make the mouth immediately protagonist. It’s all about learning a redraw the outline well to gain a few millimeters and make the fuller lips.

Make one yours long-lasting lip pencil, not too soft so as to avoid unsightly smudges, and that it is the exact same color as the chosen red lipstick. Trace the outline of the mouth and move outwards by 1 maximum 2 millimeters with respect to it, always keeping the line firm and decisive. Then paint with a brush and lipstick inside the edge made. Et voilà of true diva lips!

The lip plumper to try

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