How to make hair grow faster: 8 tips

Come far crescere i capelli velocemente: 8 consigli

You have decided to make your hair grow and would like to do it in the faster way possible? Below you can find useful tips and behaviors to consider if you want to increase the speed of this very long process.

Why make hair grow faster?

We are tired of the short cut, we have spotted a hair color that looks good only on long and full-bodied hair, we want to test a new hairstyle or we simply have a few damaged and brittle hair; the reasons to want to make your hair grow faster are so many and everyone can have new ones.

To combat this problem, we came across grandma’s remedies, magical potions and strange habits which boast the power to increase hair growth in no time. We, however, have preferred for this article easy and accessible modes, which are not based on popular experiments and beliefs.

8 ways to make hair grow fast

When you decide you want to grow your hair, you don’t just have to have it patience, but also start caring for it and making a commitment seriously. To ensure that this happens in the shortest possible time, we have at our disposal behaviors and habits (ranging from the diet to the choice of shampoo) that stimulate or speed up the growth of our hair. Here are eight.

1. Undergo 3 dusting per year

The term dusting means the precise hair lightening which does not change the lengths but which eliminates split ends. The split ends they are in fact the number one enemy of hair growth. If they are eliminated only during seasonal cuts, professionals are forced to cut a greater amount of hair, if instead this dusting operation is carried out at least three times a year, the hair is strengthened without losing their length.

2. Make an intensive mask once a week

Hair Growth MaskSource: web

An intensive mask is an indispensable treatment for the growth of our hair. Choosing is fundamental the right mask, which is compatible with our hair type (greasy, dry, frizzy, brittle, etc.). If applied once a week it will strengthen and revive our hair.

3. Wash your hair responsibly

This tip brings with it a number of other micro-tips to keep in mind before, during and after hair washing. For example, those with very damaged and brittle hair should apply a protective tonic before entering the shower; we all should instead pay much more attention to choice of products (shampoo, conditioner and attachments): we should prefer items that do not contain sulphates, so that they do not dry out but moisturize the hair.

When washing is good massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and hair follicles and consequently their growth. Equally useful is to rinse your hair with cold water and avoid combing them when they are wet, especially if they are weak and brittle.

4. Calibrate the diet

Diet to grow hairSource: web

A healthy diet is synonymous with healthy hair and consequently predisposed to growth. A good diet includes fresh and whole foods and it must be rich in vegetables. Also, foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B and omega 3 they are often associated with long and strong hair; for this reason it is often recommended to consume clams, oysters, beans, eggs, peppers, green leafy vegetables, hemp seeds and salmon.

5. Take supplements

Those who are unable to take the vitamins necessary to have long and strong hair through nutrition, can always remedy with supplements designed specifically for increase health, body and hair growth. On the market there are different ones, it is advisable to get help from an expert when choosing.

6. Avoid hairstyles that are too tight

Tail pulledSource: web

Pulling your hair excessively even doing simple hairstyles like a ponytail or braid can cause some small scars at the base of the follicle, consequently creating problems (in the long run) for hair growth.

7. Decrease the use of dyes and plate

Treatments too aggressive such as dyes, bleaches and plates can damage the health of the hair in the long run, consequently slowing down normal growth.

8. Sleeping on silk

It seems that cotton, a fiber usually used for sheets, absorbs moisture from the hair during the night, causing friction and dehydration. Silk pillowcases could be the right solution to reduce nighttime hair damage.

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