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Greta Piccolo

If you like exclusive pieces and accessories with a handmade footprint, you need to know the personalized hat. Trend among bloggers and popular especially on summer days, the customized item makes beach and everyday looks more stylish. Check out 45 ideas to get inspired and tutorials to make yours!

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45 photos of personalized hats to inspire you to make yours

There are several models of personalized hats for you to get inspired: the straw ones combine with the summer looks and the felt ones are the face of the boho style. Check 45 photos and get ideas to customize yours.

1. There are countless ways to leave the hat on your face

the next trip

2. It can be with an inspiring phrase

Greta Piccolo

3. Or with a little word that means a lot: love

Ateliê do Chapéu

4. It can be an English phrase

Victoria Rocha

5. Or a French expression

Myaraa Miracles

6. "It's life"

fashion coolture

7. Nothing more exclusive than a hat personalized with your name

hat studio

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8. You can write only the initials

Jade seba

9. On the track, stay discreet

Laros Store

10. But without a doubt, it is a unique hat!

Thássia Naves

11. Or, how about writing your name with a line?

hat studio

12. You just need to be careful in your handwriting!


13. Beyond the cord…

Greta Piccolo

14. There are other ways to make a personalized straw hat

fashion coolture

15. Tying a scarf turns the accessory

The next trip

16. You can twist a fabric to make it more stylish

Thássia Naves

17. And there is no shortage of personalized fiber hat

fashion coolture

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18. They are a true trend among bloggers

Jenn Im

19. You can stick a simple black stripe on the hat

pao Pao Mathé

20. And finish with a bow


21. This customized detail transforms the piece

Pao Pao Mathé

22. The custom hat with sash can match the rest of the look


23. To do this, just choose a printed fabric

Gigi Pip

24. And tie around the hat

Gigi Pip

25. With feathers, it is super delicate

Delirium Tremens.

26. You can match someone special

Myaraa Miracles

27. And it's an exclusive gift idea!

Atelier of the hat

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28. The personalized hat with the word: gratitude is charming

Atelier of the hat

29. To prevent the hat from flying out, you can tie a ribbon


30. Can be thin and discreet

Gigi Pip

31. Or stand out, resulting in a romantic look

Onyi Moss

32. In addition to the personalized hat to protect you from the sun

Sasha Ray

33. There are models in the boho style

Jack Savage

34. These are often decorated with flowers

Floral Designs

35. Or other adornments

Siembra Heritage

36. You can customize the hat for everyday use

Siembra Heritage

37. Tying a black ribbon is easy and accurate

Aimee Song

38. As for other models, they are perfect for special occasions

Onyi Moss

39. Like this customized with printed fabric

Onyi Moss

40. Or this hat with sparkles

Camila Coelho

41. There are many ideas for customizing a hat

Greta Piccolo

42. Can be with colorful embroidery

Margot Blue

43. A simple leather cord

Siembra Heritage

44. A phrase on the inner brim of the hat

scripts for veronica

45. Or a super-stylish adornment! Choose yours now!

Victoria Rocha

They are ideas to make any hat personalized your way and in your style! Tying a scarf or a headband is an easy way to decorate. Using strings to write names or phrases makes the accessory unique!

How to make a custom hat

Fell in love with an inspiration, but have no idea how to make a personalized hat? Check out the videos below and find out!

Personalized straw hat with name

In this video, you learn how to personalize a straw beach hat with your name. You will need a cord to "write" and basic craft materials, such as: hot glue and scissors.

Custom fiber hat

This tutorial also shows us how to write the name on the hat using a string. If you know the basics, you can write other phrases and words too! In addition, it is a product that you can make for yourself or sell.

Personalized printed straw hat

And if you love trends, this is the tutorial for you. See how to make a hat printed with fabric. You can choose the pattern you want!

Personalized hat with sash

Gluing a band around the hat is an easy task that transforms the piece. Check out how to do this video quickly.

These are basic personalization tips and you choose the fabrics, the strips and what you want to write. Will you join this trend? And if you love exclusive pieces, see also how to customize t-shirts.

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