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Eyelashes and hair come from the same universe and share the same needs, the same needs. The secrets on how to increase the volume of eyelashes often they intertwine and overlap with those that help to have healthy and strong hair. Except that we often underestimate the health of the eyelashes while we devote more attention to that of the skin and lengths, although it is important, also for an aesthetic effect that does not go unnoticed, to keep an eye on the needs of the hair bulbs of the eyelid.

The first rule is to choose the right mascara: not only one that satisfies from a cosmetic point of view, but also one that knows how to nourish and not attack the lashes, making them healthier, stronger and fuller. Lashcode is the product that mixes these needs by mixing together some healing ingredients such as wheat sprout extract, baicalein, bean sprout extract. These are all elements that restore their natural strength to the lashes, intensifying it. In addition to naturally giving that volume and density effect that many dream of for their lashes.

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How to choose the right volumizing mascara

The tips for obtaining an evident volume effect all pass from the choice of mascara (and maybe a serum that makes them longer and stronger). Because it is true that techniques such as eyelash thickening help speed up the process, but often do not help keep the eye area healthy and avoid inflammation or other unpleasant effects. The right product is chosen by crossing different needs, such as observing the brush and carefully reading the composition to check that it is not irritating or aggressive for the eyes.

So what to look for in a volumizing mascara? Here are the features to look out for:

  • it must not only give volume, but also separate without “kneading” the lashes together
  • it doesn’t have to be aggressive, but it also has to take care of the lashes
  • applying mascara should not be an impossible task, but the brush must help in this sense to make the experience smart and pleasant.

The goals to pursue when choosing a volumizing mascara are to achieve longer lashes and thicker. In practice, the look must be fuller simply with a coat of mascara.

Too aggressive products that do not care about the health of the eyelashes can then favor their weakening. Not to mention bad habits repeated over time, such as the use of the eyelash curler which tends to break and weaken the hair. Seeing eyelashes in the face that have inexorably detached from the bulb is not pleasant and, as for the hair, it is necessary to run for cover. A volumizing mascara that adds this healing power to the cosmetic one to the picture Lashcode, who identified some of the beneficial agents that help replenish lashes and put them in the bottle.

6 natural ingredients to increase the volume of the eyelashes

Photo: Everett Cosmetics

Among the curiosities about the eyelashes to know is that of their ability to absorb substances: this means that they retain all the healing ingredients with great skill and ease. Taking advantage of the brushstrokes of a mascara, a daily gesture for millions of women, helps to nourish them, to keep them healthy and strong for a long time.

One of the ways to have full volume lashes? Leverage the property intrinsic of some natural ingredients: if combined with virtuous habits to keep the lashes away from external agents or overly aggressive products, they can transform the beauty routine of the eyelashes into a winning daily action. The ultimate goals are to moisturize, replenish, polish and strengthen and there are six beneficial ingredients that help achieve this and get voluminous lashes.

Extracts of bean sprouts

They strengthen the lashes, postponing the aging process. They also help in the fight against excessive fall of the eyelashes, reinforcing the base.

The courgette root extract

Also called baicalein: among its properties there is that of being a real natural UV filter that acts as a protective barrier for the hair. A sort of invisible shield that strengthens the lashes with each stroke of the product.

Vitamin E

Considered the antidote to youth, vitamin E strengthens the lash shaft by stimulating all virtuous hair behaviors.

The wheat germ extract

The extracts of wheat germ are ideal to use for its regenerating and moisturizing action: its benefits are reflected on the growth of the eyelashes, which are smooth, soft and elastic.


One of the most used ingredients in cosmetics for its properties, also known as pro-vitamin B5. Panthenol gives elasticity and shine to the hair, coat after coat of mascara.


This amino acid stimulates eyelash growth, combining with the beneficial effects of the other ingredients. Hydration is the key to making lashes stronger and denser and therefore more voluminous.

They are all ingredients contained in the formula of Lashcode, the volumizing mascara that not only makes lashes beautiful and full, but also becomes a real spell to protect them, brighten the eyes and make them stronger.

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