How to get rid of blackheads without crushing them


Blackheads are one of the most hated blemishes by women (after cellulite). How cellulite affects people of all ages. Fortunately, there are methods to eliminate them. Crush them? Well, we all do that but it is certainly not the best method. In this way, in fact, we risk worsening the situation and leaving our face full of scars.
Blackheads, or comedones, are skin impurities that are formed due to fat. The blackheads are actually white and open under the pressure of the sebum from where the fat emerges but undergoes an oxidation process as soon as it ‘comes out’ on the surface. It is at that point in fact that it darkens. The most affected areas of the face are the nose, forehead, chin, that is, the fattest areas. They are related to the activity of testosterone which puts pressure on the sebaceous glands by increasing the secretion of sebum. Read on after the photo

Let’s see how to eliminate them. In the meantime, removing make-up before going to bed is a healthy habit. Daily cleansing is also important as long as non-aggressive products are used. To cleanse the oily area of ​​the nose, start with a cleansing: start with some hot steam to make the pores dilate. In this way you not only favor the elimination of blackheads, but allow the cosmetics you apply later to penetrate deeply. Use a cleanser designed specifically to purify the skin every day and, a couple of times a week, use an astringent mask based on ventilated clay. Read on after the photo

Do the scrub. Exfoliants are great allies for stubborn blackheads. The scrubs consist of microgranules of natural origin which, when applied to the face, during rubbing, eliminate dead cells and impurities. But do not scrub dry skin because you risk annoying and difficult to cure micro-injuries.
Another effective remedy for blackheads is vegetable carbon. It removes excess sebum and blackheads from the nose, counteracting the skin’s shine and giving it a matte effect. Charcoal is a natural antibacterial and an antifungal. Try it in the form of a mask and you will have clean and soft skin. Read on after the photo

But blackheads can also be prevented: the problem of blackheads on the nose and more generally on the face can be solved from the outside (as we told you above), but also from the inside. To prevent blackheads, attention should be paid to nutrition. Eliminate convenience foods, fats and sugars and alcohol and your skin will thank you. Finally, keep stress at bay and dedicate at least a couple of times a week to outdoor sports.

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