How to get rid of acne scars: all remedies and products


The solution is non-invasive aesthetic medicine: few but intense sessions. And you can say goodbye to acne holes permanently. Are they “just” red or brown marks? You can lighten them with targeted cosmetics. Here’s what the dermatologist told us on a case-by-case basis

Accepting acne scars is certainly not easy. In addition to being intuitive, this is demonstrated by a series of studies conducted on the level of self-esteem of patients of all ages and nationalities, before and after undergoing laser and resurfacing treatments (deep exfoliation). However, the phenomenon of acne positivity – led in Italy by Aurora Ramazzotti and Matilde De Angelis – is instilling confidence that one can live with the signs left by a rather aggressive acne. Far, however, from exchanging this coexistence with a “serene relationship” with post-pimple scars!

The road toacceptance of one’s own imperfect skin it’s all uphill: along the way there are obstacles, second thoughts, mood swings and the desire to hide behind kilos of makeup and Instagram filters. It takes a lot of strength to show a not very smooth face in the open. This is an attitude that is certainly not a costume trend, nor a fashion to follow because the influencers say so. But only a decision to make on your own. For all these reasons, it is legitimate to inquire about how to get rid of acne scars and what are the right anti-stain products. We talked about it with the dermatologist.

How to get rid of acne scars

In the most important cases they resemble small craters reminiscent of the lunar landscape, made up of depressions and valleys. In fact, acne scars have the precise characteristic of being real “holes in the skin“, the depth of which varies from the severity of the dermatological pathology you have suffered from in the past or still suffer.

“Sometimes the old scars coexist with live acne, that is, the one that manifests itself with pimples – explains the doctor Maria Rosa Gaviglio, aesthetic doctor and dermatology specialist – and must be distinguished from red marks that remain when the pimple has been treated transiently or when the acne is not so severe: the redness indicates that there is still inflammation in progress (and therefore it is not a scarring result), and that it will gradually clear up “.

Red acne scars

More than scars, they are gods red spots that remain after the pimple has been cured. If they are mild, you just have to wait while taking care of do not expose the skin directly to the sun, but always shield it with a solar filter even in the city. Otherwise, it can change from red to brown, resembling sunspots. If the red post-acne signs persist for several months, it means that inflammation in the dermis is still ongoing: to eliminate them you can go to the dermatologist, who will find it appropriate to treat them with a vascular laser (the type that treats the alterations of veins and capillaries).

Types of acne scars

There are the red marks, more or less dark, not accompanied by holes in the skin and there are the post-acne dark spots, always in association with a skin not so “pitted”. “Real acne scars appear during or after the most severe forms of acne, that is, those characterized by cysts and papules that reach the dermis. The “simple” pimples of adolescence, which appear at the superficial level (of the epidermis), do not result in deep scars, ie those that give the face a pitted appearance. Not surprisingly, in the past, the face disfigured by acne was compared to the “markings” of smallpox (after all, it is as if the skin underwent a mark) »- the doctor specifies.

Acne scars: the remedies

The most effective solutions against acne scars are i treatments performed by the dermatologist, and they vary according to the severity of the lesions, that is, how deep the furrows are. There are chemical peels, radiofrequency, laser and hyaluronic acid fillers. Aesthetic medicine treatments smooth the skin, and are aimed at fill those unsightly acne holes. Let’s see them one by one.

Mild acne scars

“If the scarring results are mild, that is characterized by shallow holes, the first way is the medical peeling based on glycolic acid or tretinoin. These treatments exfoliate the skin deeply, smoothing it a lot. In this way they reduce its lumpy appearance ». To be effective, the concentrations of exfoliating acids must be higher than 40%, whose application on the face is authorized by law only to the doctor.

Deep acne scars

They are those like holes and holes that give the skin a not very smooth appearance. In some cases the scars are so deep that they almost poke the skin, altering its texture in an important way. In these cases, more invasive treatments must be used.

Chemical peels

Unlike the surgery, the chemical peels that are carried out by the beautician are light, since the concentrations of acids reach 10-12%. For this reason they lead to less satisfactory results. On the other hand, they are more tolerated by the epidermis. Here because concentrated peels should only be followed in the presence of a doctor, who knows how to manage any complications (redness, itching, discomfort, various reactions, etc.), and also knows how to dose the residence times of the acids on the face.

The radio frequency

If the lesions are deeper and wider, they can be resorted to radiofrequency sessions which stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen, the substance that makes the skin more elastic. “This technique serves to thin the skin thickened by acne and at the same time to reduce the depth of the scar” – explains Gaviglio.

The fractional laser

“If, on the other hand, the scars resemble the marks left by the aforementioned smallpox (an exanthematous disease eradicated ed), the best solution is offered by fractional laser“. It is a treatment of aesthetic medicine non-invasive that abrades the first layer of the skin, thus eliminating the typical acne depressions.

How many sessions
For all laser treatments, the sessions vary according to the depth of the scars: it is the doctor’s clinical eye that establishes the right number with which to have the most probability of success. It typically takes 3 to 5 sessions to reduce or ease acne scars.

The results
The skin improves in a varying percentage 50 to 80%. «The scars are not 100% eliminated, because they are permanent marks that acne unfortunately leaves on the skin. However, they are considerably attenuated, visibly improving the overall appearance of the skin ». The costs are around 200 euros per session.

The fillers fillers

To fill the holes left by acne, hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected, “which are effective only if the scars are very few (maximum 5), but then you must remember to repeat the injections every 6-8 months”.

All of these dermatological treatments are also good for acne scars on the back. Both men and women can also undergo it, with the difference that post-acne cosmetic medicine responds best to female skin. The reason? Male skin, being thicker, regenerates less easily.

Acne scars: natural remedies

In fact, there are no natural remedies to get rid of acne scars. “Homemade recipes based on lemon, sugar, vinegar and baking soda are not only ineffective, but can even stress a skin that has already suffered” – recommends the dermatologist.

Acne Scar Products

If the marks left by acne look more like red or brown spots than with holes, you can resort to targeted cosmetics. They usually contain active ingredients such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid which exfoliate the skin. They are found in lotions, serums and creams. When the post-acne blemish has become beige or brown, it means that there is an excess of melanin in that spot: so you can use creams for brown spots to lighten them. A mandatory recommendation is that of always protect your skin from the sun. Both during cosmetic therapies and in conjunction with medical treatments: UV rays can be photosensitizing and irritating. It is also very important to moisturize the skin with soothing creams with a consistency tolerated by everyone.

Look at’s selection of products for acne scars.

Glycolic Acid Exfoliator 3.8% by MIAMO
Exfoliating glycolic acid solution: leave on for 2 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Anti-Pigment Night by EUCERIN
Lightening night cream for brown and red spots.

CLINIQUE Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion
Based on salicylic acid, it is used as an exfoliating tonic 2 times a day.

Sébologie, double purifying concentrate by LIERAC
During the day it reduces sebaceous production, at night it reduces acne scars thanks to glycolic acid.

Pure spray slime with 95% pure SNAKE snail slime
An ingredient extracted with a rich cruelty free method with an exfoliating and regenerating function.

Clairial Cible by SVR
A depigmenting powder for all types of blemishes, including post-acne inflammation

PHA-based face mask with a lightening action.

ClearCalm Non-Drying Spot Treatment by REN
A localized pimple treatment that helps prevent blemishes.

Cell Perfecto Pm by YULI
Serum that reduces ancient and recent acne scars.

FOSPID Active Serum by SKINIUS
The Fospidina complex of which it is rich, regenerates skin with acne scars.

Acne scars do not depend on how much you have slaughtered your skin

People often fear that they have damaged their skin by touching, squeezing and squeezing pimples, but actually the real acne scars remain in more or less deep holes regardless of the self-inflicted mistreatment by one’s hands. Bandit blame himself if he finds himself with more or less evident signs. Just as it is wrong to blame those who are already stressed enough by a “tried” face. Luckily he can get back in shape and smooth (almost) as before!

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