How to fix eyeshadow without primer: all the tips to follow


Is it possible to fix eyeshadow without a primer? Absolutely yes! You just have to follow our advice, for a long lasting eye makeup that lasts all day.

How to fix eyeshadow without primer?

Surely you are thinking that most of the time you do your make-up you don’t use eye primer. Very wrong, this product is an excellent ally to make the eyeshadow last longer and at the same time prevent the product from going into the folds of the skin, creating that unsightly streaked effect.

From choosing the right brush, to some tips “stolen” directly from makeup artists, there are various ways to make your eyeshadow last a long time without using the eye primer. If you are curious and want to give your make-up style a boost of professionalism, read on!

1. The concealer instead of the primer

Surely by putting on your make-up you will have noticed that, when you apply the corrector even on the eyelid, not only does your gaze immediately appear more relaxed but the eyeshadow lasts much longer!

This happens because the concealer creates an excellent base for makeup, bringing out the colors and, thanks to its oily composition, better retaining the pigments, reducing the risk of fallout is smudges.

2. Use cream eyeshadow

Another very simple but effective technique to make your eye makeup last much longer is to create a base with a cream eyeshadow. The color chosen does not necessarily have to be the same shade as the powder eyeshadow, on the contrary, you can choose a shade more clear (ideal for illuminating the eyelid) or dark (to be made three-dimensional later with some glitter touches).

In addition, the cream eyeshadow will create one homogeneous base very useful for makeup and will also act as primer allowing powder eyeshadows to stick and last longer.

3. Use the wet brush

Another trick of the trade, used by makeup artists, is to apply eyeshadow with a slightly moistened brush. You can either pass it under water or (more professionally) spray the bristles with thermal water.

The duration will thus be increased and the eyeshadow color will appear more vivid. Just be careful not to use too much water, otherwise you will get the opposite effect.

4. Fixing spray to seal eye makeup

Another technique for obtaining a long lasting eye makeup, is to completely replace the use of the primer with a spray product that seals makeup, that is: lo fixing spray.

This product should be sprayed on the face about ten centimeters away and then left to dry. All makeup will benefit, resulting in a longer duration. On the market you can find many types of sstaring pray, from the opacifying ones to those enriched with micro-glitter, which make the final effect extremely glow.

5. The eye pencil as an eyeshadow base

Finally, the last trick we recommend is to use as a base for the eyeshadow place the primer on the eye pencil. This technique works like cream eyeshadow but is certainly more affordable for everyone.

Just choose a shade similar to the color of eyeshadow you want to use and spread it over the entire eyelid or a lighter pencil that will make the color of your choice stand out more. At this point, all you need to do is blend the eyeshadow and complete the look with eyeliner and mascara.

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