How to find the right foundation online? App, consulting and virtual try on


Finding the right foundation color isn’t easy. There are many factors to take into account and, for a year now, the difficulty has been made even greater by the restrictions, which prevent the classic color test on the hand. To help us, however, is the technology: between App, online consultancy and Virtual Try On, in fact, choosing the right shade has never been so easy.

Choosing the perfect foundation color through a computer screen? It can be done. The merit is of Apps, online consultancy and Virtual Try On, essential allies when it comes to how to find the right foundation color even at home. Latest generation tools, which will make you forget you have ever tested shade and texture directly on the hand. Through the webcam or the mobile phone camera, in fact, you can really try the foundation before buying it, simulating a perfect coverage. And if you still have doubts about how to choose your foundation for oily skin or which formula is the best to put the foundation under the mask, you can rely on online consultations and the advice of the best experts. For the technology to be truly effective, however, you need to know perfectly what characteristics your foundation must have. And we are here to give you all the appropriate advice.

How to find the right foundation color? Online tests

The first thing to do before choosing the foundation is to understand what the undertone of your skin is. The purpose of any covering or natural foundation, in fact, is to blend with the skin and be practically invisible. To find the perfect shade you can try, for example, to rely on the tests available online on the brands’ sites. Clarins, Pupa, Max Factor and Vichy, in fact, they have created small tests to help you choose your face base, both in terms of color, texture and coverage. Among the most famous sites to help you choose your foundation, with a few simple questions, this site will be able to offer you numerous options suitable for your complexion. Do you prefer to arrive prepared for your shopping session and understand your undertone by yourself? You can try the vein test. Just look at those of the wrist: if they are bluish, your undertone is neutral, while if they are between blue and purplish, you have a cold undertone; Green veins, on the other hand, indicated a warm undertone of the skin.

Online foundation: the virtual try on

Forget the color tests carried out directly on the skin, because the online foundation you choose through the augmented reality of the virtual try on. A service made available by many brands: from Estée Lauder in Bionike, up to L’Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome and Mac, to find the right shade just use the webcam or the phone’s camera. To get the best possible result, you will have to put yourself in natural light and simply select the shade that seems most suitable for your skin. To determine the choice of the right color of foundation is, once again, the undertone. Regardless of the nuance, in fact, you will have to be careful to perfectly balance your undertone: the rosy foundations, in fact, are ideal for cold or olive complexions, the beige ones, on the other hand, adapt to complexions with a neutral undertone, while the more orange shades perfectly balance a warm and golden undertone. Once you have identified these basic characteristics of your skin, you just have to find – virtually – the one that best suits your complexion.

Finding the right foundation thanks to consultations

In choosing the right foundation, even the type of skin plays a fundamental role. The right texture, in fact, can drastically transform the rendering of the make-up. How to choose it? Relying on online beauty consultancy. A very useful service for all beauty addicts, who need advice from the best beauty experts. You can experience them on the Charlotte Tilbury and Sephora or through an app like My Beauty Whisper. You have several options: you can rely on chat for quick and targeted advice while shopping or opt for a one-to-one service and chat with the brand’s beauty experts, who will answer all your texture questions. The general rule for choosing the right foundation even online? The fluid textures are ideal for dry, normal or sensitive skin, while for oily skin the best solution is to choose a compact foundation, in cream, in stick or powder. And if your skin is very sensitive or you struggle with wrinkles and signs of aging, try a very light formula in mousse.

How to choose the right foundation online: consultations, apps and virtual try-ons to try

Position yourself in front of a source of natural light, adjust your webcam or camera at the right height and dedicate yourself to choosing your foundation online with apps, augmented reality and video or chat consultations.

Virtual consultations with Estée Lauder experts

Estée Lauder has thought of three different opportunities to offer truly personalized advice: Live Chat, a live chat with an expert for advice, curiosities and insights, Virtual Consultancy, a personalized appointment with the Beauty Experts of the brand, and Live Stream, periodic direct to discover all the advice of the experts. To make sure you have chosen the perfect foundation, just frame the face with the mobile phone camera.


The BioNike Virtual Try On

Do you need to find the right color foundation? You can try the augmented reality of BioNike’s Virtual Try On. Just upload a photo of yourself or opt for a live test in front of the webcam to see the effect of the foundation on your skin.

Yves Saint Laurent, the Virtual Try On

On the Yves Saint Laurent website it is possible try the brand’s most loved products thanks to augmented reality and the Virtual Try On service, ideal for selecting the right shade of foundation.

My Beauty Whisper

My Beauty Whisper is an artificial intelligence platform designed to revolutionize the concept of personalized advice. A professional and free service, ideal for obtaining immediate on-demand advice through beauty experts capable of guiding you in choosing your foundation.


My Sephora Beauty Coach

To learn beauty secrets and ask for shopping advice, the My Sephora Beauty Coach service is ideal. The consultants, in fact, are available to provide a truly tailor-made guide. And for those who want to steal all the secrets of the beauty experts, the solution is the Digiclass, real masterclasses dedicated to all the secrets of beauty.

L’Oréal and the foundation online test

Just log in to the site and upload a photo or turn on your webcam to explore the endless possibilities of L’Oréal’s Virtual Try On. An easy and intuitive service, which will allow you not only to find the right foundation, but also to complete the makeup with your favorite products.

MAC and augmented reality

To make online shopping easier, MAC offers a Virtual Try On service. A trial of online products, which uses augmented reality to show you the effect of the makeup directly on your face.


Charlotte Tilbury and one-to-one consultancy

The makeup artist of the stars has come up with a tailor-made service for the choice of foundation. Simply book online, choosing the day and time, and let yourself be guided by the experts of the Charlotte Tilbury team.

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