How to eliminate cellulite from the buttocks: targeted remedies, products and exercises


Not satisfied with your B-side? Would you like it taller or harder? Read the strategies to succeed, without forgetting the number one enemy of many women: cellulite

In addition to “holes”, the skin of the buttocks may be not very toned. Hence, the need to combat both the tendency to cellulite and to sagging. If you add low muscle tone, gravity can more easily take over. The problem of side Bin fact, it is precisely the fact that it does not always fit as we would like. The solution? Implement a plan of attack that you think is both firming and a model the fabrics.

Specific creams for the buttocks

For a screaming B-side, first of all it exfoliates the skin:exfoliation it is essential to remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal processes. You can turn to both the classic body scrubs and the dry brushing, that is, to be done on dry skin before getting in the shower. A well “scrubbed” skin will better absorb the active ingredients of anti-cellulite cosmetics. On which creams to orient for sculpt the buttocks?

Against cellulite it is necessary to increase the drainage of liquids, and this is also valid for the buttocks. Read the product label carefully: the most effective ingredients are caffeine, ivy, birch, gotu kola and horse chestnut. In addition to avoiding stagnation, all of these substances – vegetable to boot – help dissolve fat which, increasing in volume and in the presence of water retention, form the fateful orange peel skin.

For a more complete action, the specific anti-cellulite product for the buttocks must also be firming. How to know? It usually contains panti-sagging active ingredients which help make the dermis denser. Focus on escin, hops, and collagen or clover.

There cellulite on the buttocks it also becomes less noticeable if the skin is smooth and looks good. This area is often prone to pimples and peeling. So remember to use a moisturizing cream based on shea butter or vegetable oils and vitamin E.

Check out our selection on multiple products to get a top seat.

Pure Actives® COLLISTAR Biphasic Slimming Concentrate

It not only refines the shapes but also has a tonic action due to the exclusive association of seaweed and peptides, aimed at the shock treatment of localized adiposity.

NIVEA Q10 Firming Gel-Cream + Anti Cellulite

The well-known formula with Q10 and Lotus Extracts firms the skin and reduces cellulite blemishes in 3 weeks. The fast-absorbing gel-cream leaves the skin instantly more energized.

Body Firming Spa Remodeling unique for its moisturizing, nourishing and firming value. Of Mediterranean Cosmetic

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Slimming Serum with Mangosteen Extract by YVES ROCHER. It slims the silhouette, firms and sublimates the skin which is immediately smoother and its appearance visibly improved.

Slimming 7 Natural by SOMATOLINE COSMETIC
Ultra intensive treatment with 95% of ingredients of natural origin (sea salt, birch extract, maritime mugwort, caffeine to slim, peppermint).

Rilastil Elasticizing Vials of RILASTIL

A shock treatment for the body with a high toning, moisturizing and nourishing power of the superficial layers of the epidermis, which helps to maintain the right degree of elasticity of the skin and counteracts its relaxation.

SALBA firming body cream

Improves the elasticity and tone of the skin. It acts on the critical areas of the body sensitive to skin relaxation to counteract the signs of sagging and restore firmness.

Cellulinov by SISLEY PARIS

Slimming anti-cellulite which, thanks to Longan seed extract, helps reduce adipose accumulations. It also contains red algae extract, caffeine, cedrol and ginkgo biloba, known for its toning properties, helps to counteract tissue congestion, a typical characteristic of cellulite.

Vinosculpt, Baume Corps Lift et Fermeté by CAUDALIE

A firming balm with iris extract, with fortifying and firming virtues, grape polyphenols that help preserve collagen for firmer skin.


Food supplement that promotes microcirculation and drainage of body fluids, counteracting the imperfections of cellulite. Contains gotu kola, sweet clover, red vine, vitamin C and bromelain.

Cell Fit Spray, IODASE anti-cellulite dry oil

Rich in vegetable oils, it makes the skin tissue more elastic and toned, counteracting the imperfections of cellulite. Among other things, it contains ximeninic acid, extracted from sandalwood seeds, with well-known properties demonstrated on the imperfections of cellulite.

Physical activity to shape the buttocks

One of the best exercises to have firm and toned glutes is walking uphill: the force that the muscles exert against a contrary slope has a toning action worthy of a step.

Other everyday ways to shape the B-side is to avoid the elevator. To go up, take the stairs resting the entire sole of the foot, trying to contract the gluteus muscle at each step.

Then if you have one bike, regular use for city trips will do the rest. It is not necessary to climb well, but just move with the typical shots (i.e. stopping and starting at crossroads and traffic lights), as urban traffic requires.

Fitness at home for sculpted buttocks

Do you prefer to train alone at home? Here are four easy easy exercises, to be done in 20-30 repetitions, whenever you have the time. The results will not be long in coming.

1) In the supine position with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, lift your butt off the ground contracting the buttocks, trying not to arch the back. Hold the position for a few seconds, lean back again and repeat.

2) Lying on its side, raises the leg sideways keeping it taut. Return to the starting position and repeat in series. Switch sides and proceed in the same way.

3) Run it squat: standing with legs slightly apart shoulder-width apart, bend your legs, bringing your buttocks to knee height and push them backwards. Get back up by pushing on the ground with your heels.

4) Standing, place your hands on the wall in front of you. Starting with legs together, raise one straight leg, holding the hammer foot and trying to contract the muscle. Hold the position for 3 seconds, then slowly lower it back and perform with the other leg. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Do anti-cellulite leggings work on the buttocks?

Culottes, leggings, shorts: they have a massaging fabric which stimulates circulation, helping to drain excess fluids. It seems like a shortcut, instead wearing clothes that tone the B side is a solution that reserves beautiful surprises.
Not only do they help the skin maintain its tone (a bit like it happens with a bra), but they force the buttock muscles to contract slightly. In short, they induce a kind of passive gymnastics, but effective over time. So green light to fashion that is good for side B.

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