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By Mariana Sanches

On 10.05.21

A simple accessory can make all the difference in your look. And, for those who like to be always innovating, the tip is to bet on a beautiful fabric tiara. You can make an amazing model at home or buy it on different internet sites. Want to get inspired? Then check out our article below!

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How to make a fabric tiara

If you are one of those who love DIY, you will love this list of tutorials that we have separated for you! Below you will find the best videos for making your own fabric headband. Easy, they teach the right step by step and still pass many cool tips. Just look:

How to make a braided fabric tiara

Mega-stylish and elegant, this braided fabric headband is made with wet velvet! The tip here is to invest in more sober colors, such as black or wine. Thus, your look is more refined. Check out the video and already separate the materials to make the accessory.

How to Make a Turban Tiara

Super high, the turban fabric headband is that accessory that suits all women, regardless of the haircut or style. Very easy to do, you only need two materials at hand. Are you curious? Then watch the full video!

How to make a fabric headband with elastic

Practical, this easy-to-make tiara is an accessory that stays very firm on the head. To give that innovation, you can bet on different prints, with different colors and designs – it will suit everyone’s taste. Take the opportunity to match your looks and rock it!

How to make a fabric tiara for makeup

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If you are one of those who can’t get out of the house without putting at least a foundation on your face, this tutorial is for you. In it, dear Natisha teaches you how to make a beautiful tiara for make up, which helps – a lot – when it comes to getting ready. Oh, and you can still enjoy skincare moments, huh!

How to make a fabric tiara with little baby

Another trend that is also super high, the tiara with nozinho gives that romantic and very cute look to the look. If you like this beautiful accessory, the tip is to watch this video that teaches you how to make a wonderful and very versatile tiara.

How to Make a Seamless Velvet Tiara

Don’t even know how to sew a button? Are you terrified of sewing? Smoothly! With this tutorial, you can make a beautiful tiara without having to be an expert in cutting and sewing. Just have the right materials at hand and extra care when cutting the fabric.

How to make a fabric tiara for a child

Who is owl mommy needs to check out this amazing fabric tiara tutorial for kids. Very easy, this accessory is a great gift option! And remember: because it is a tiara for the little ones, invest in very colorful and fun fabrics, ok?

See how easy it is to make your own fabric headband? And because it is a homemade confection, you can let your imagination run wild and dare in colors and prints. And, of course, always thinking about your looks that will match the accessory!

Where you can buy fabric tiara

You don’t have a lot of manual skills and prefer to buy your fabric headband? Smoothly! We have separated for you the best sites where you can find this accessory at an affordable price and with a good quality. Just check it out:

  1. Knotted fabric tiara at C&A
  2. Velvet fabric tiara at C&A
  3. Fabric tiara with little baby, at Renner
  4. Fabric tiara for makeup, on Amazon
  5. Turban fabric tiara, on Amazon

Did you choose your favorite? When in doubt, think about your clothes and which tiara will best match the looks you like to compose on a daily basis. Invest in sober colors and colorful prints – so you have a really cool variety of options!

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30 ways to wear the fabric tiara and rock the looks

How about getting inspired with different fabric headbands? Below, you will find several beautiful models that can help you choose which accessory best suits your style. Check it out, choose your favorites and play!

1. Are you always following the trend?


2. Do you love being inside the most stylish accessories of the moment?

By Hannah Walker

3. If so, then you have certainly seen the famous fabric tiara

Munira Gomes

4. Beautiful, it can be used in many ways

Copper lake

5. You can vary the colors

Carina Valentine

6. In prints

Patricia Leite

7. And in different types of fabrics

Nati Vozza

8. Do you want to see only?


9. Look what a charm this option with baby

Nathalia Dottino

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10. You can invest in different colors

Stefany Bianca

11. And that match your style

Ms. Pauline Luddie Brown

12. Because it is very versatile, this accessory matches all hair

Dr. Manasi Anand

13. Be in those with curly hair

Jéssika Alexandreli

14. Or the most smooth

Bia Soto

15. It is worth betting on looks that match the tiara

Kimberly Anne

16. Creating a stripped-down look

Victoria Rocha

17. And very light


18. After all, tiara is all about that more romantic look


19. And super friend, of course!

Victoria Rocha

20. Are you going to take that day off?

Camila Nunes

21. Then wear a tiara for sknicare and makeup


22. Are you ready to go for a walk?


23. Give the one that is valued in the make up and make the face very visible


24. You can also use matching with your princess

April Golightly

25. Or on a more special occasion


26. The tip is to make a pretty hairstyle

Maira Turbantes

27. And if you play without fear

Knotss of Love

28. Because there will always be a tiara that suits you

Munira Gomes

29. And that values ​​your style even more

Munira Gomes

30. Choose your favorite model and rock it!


There are so many beautiful models that it is difficult to choose just one, isn’t it? When in doubt, make a collection of fabric headbands in your home! But, if you like to innovate, then these unicorn tiaras are for you!

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