How to do good make-up: tips for professional make-up


How to do good make-up starting from scratch? Simply by following a few small tricks for a true professional make-up. Here, then, are all the necessary tips for a perfect make-up, in a few simple steps.

Having a make up like real professionals of the sector is the dream of many and being able to do it alone often becomes a truly titanic undertaking, especially when we start from scratch. This is why it is important to know some simple tricks, to learn how to put on good makeup and create an absolutely irresistible beauty look.

From the bottom, to the lipstick, from the pencil to the blush, everything is important when it comes to showing off a make-up to perfection. So let’s see what are the main steps that we should all know to start putting on good make-up, without mistakes and getting a natural make-up, suitable for every occasion and that last all day.

Cleansing and exfoliation

But weren’t we supposed to talk about make-up? Of course yes, but just like a painter prepares his canvas, ours too skin must be ready to be made up. And to do this it is necessary to start from the basics and from a whole series of good daily habits (and not) useful and protect and nourish the skin, giving it a uniform and healthy appearance.

To put on good makeup, therefore, it is important to never forget cleanse the skin thoroughly, using a product suitable for your type of skin, to be integrated with a refreshing and astringent tonic and with a good hydration. But not only. Exfoliation is also a necessary aspect for the care of your skin. As it allows you to eliminate dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, smooth the skin and make the skin smooth, soft and deeply cleansed. The perfect base for a professional make-up.

make up good hydration

First step to putting on good make-up, the bottom!

At this point you just have to start with the actual make-up, starting from the bottom. For create a perfect base and to create a truly unique face make-up it is important to use specific products suitable for your skin type, as well as its color. That’s why it’s always good try different products on a small area of the skin before applying them.

In general, then, to put on good make-up it is necessary to use:

  • a primer, able to even out the complexion and prepare the skin to “welcome” the make-up;
  • a foundation, to choose from different formulations according to your needs (in powder, liquid, bb or cc cream, etc.) and capable of making the skin look homogenous by eliminating any discoloration;
  • corrector, to minimize and correct small imperfections (pimples, dark circles, etc.). And always taking care to choose the most suitable color based on your complexion and the area of ​​the face on which you want to use it;
  • face powder, to be used only where it is really needed, it is useful to fix the make-up applied up to this point, opacifying the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin);
  • blush, illuminating, Earth, etc. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can opt for different products, emphasizing the features of the face, illuminating the complexion or giving a light golden color to the skin. To put on good make-up and make up the make-up you’ve always wanted.

put on good makeup

The final touch!

Finally, to secure a lasting makeup and always as just done, it is possible to adopt some simple stratagem, fixing everything by vaporizing on the face of thecold water or using the appropriate ones fixing sprays. For a true professional make-up.

make up good fixing

Make up your eyes well

And when it comes to how to put on good makeup, you can’t forget your eyes. After all it is precisely the look that catches the eye and flaunt two magnetic or sweet eyes like fawns it is a let-through of sure effect and total beauty. But how to create a unique, irresistible and, above all, well done make-up?

The options are many, from the simplest to the most elaborate. The important thing, however, is to always start with i products and the right moves:

  • first it is good uniform the skin of the part with a proper special, a bb or cc cream or a light eyeshadow, to be dabbed lightly on the eyelid in order to eliminate any discoloration;
  • then (only if you want) you apply the pencil, to be applied in the inside the eye or in the upper one, near the lash line, to choose between the classic black or brown or even in other colors depending on the effect you want to achieve (white, for example, illuminates and enlarges the eye);
  • Finally, we use the mascara, perfect for lengthening and volumizing the lashes, giving you a magnetic and wide look. To be used starting from the bottom up.

wear good eye makeup

And the eyeshadow?

Great question. After all, for a complete beauty look, eyeshadow cannot be missing. To put on good makeup, however, it is always appropriate don’t overdo the quantities and opt for suitable colors depending on the occasion you are going to experience (and your complexion).

Whether it’s a neon make-up, the classic smokey eyes, a nude make-up or in romantic shades of peach or pink, etc., the important thing is not to overdo it and create a harmonious make-up, which enhance your face without covering it.

make up good eyeshadow

Lips what a passion

And to finish your beauty look, you certainly cannot leave out the lips. As in the case of the fund, to put on good make-up this area is necessary to prepare it to receive the products you want to use. Like? Periodically performing gentle scrubs, to eliminate any cuticles and ensure maximum health and beauty for the lips. Besides never forgetting to moisturize the area with cocoa butter or lip balm.

make up good lips

At this point, then, you just have to experiment by opting for a lip balm, if you are a beginner, a nude or soft lipstick, for a natural and romantic look, or for brighter colors, from red to cherry, from burgundy to more eccentric shades. To be chosen in creamier, more compact or liquid formulations (be careful not to overdo it though). Or opting for a simple gloss, to illuminate the lips with a touch of light.

make up good lipstick

Finally, always remember that:

  • for good makeup you need the right light and the necessary time (no to make up in the dark and be in a hurry);
  • you must not stay too close to the mirror, an important aspect to have a greater overview;
  • for every occasion there are more appropriate make-up;
  • is critical wash and change brushes which are used frequently;
  • putting on good makeup does not mean exaggerating, you can be beautiful even with just a little gloss!

You just have to start making your very own make-up, showing off a unique and inimitable look, in the name of do-it-yourself and your creativity.

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