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The marbled tie-dye has become a sensation among the fans of this coloring technique inspired by the fashion of the 70s, which can be applied to countless pieces. Want to learn how to do? Continue with us to see tutorials and check out 20 looks to inspire you!

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How to make marbled tie-dye in different colors

Want to give a new face to that shirt, sweatshirt or dress that is standing in the wardrobe? It’s in the right place! Check out the tutorials that we have separated for you.

Colorful marbled tie-dye

If you’re a fan of colors, you can’t miss this tutorial inspired by the looks of Manu Gavassi. You will need water, a rubber band and fabric paint in purple, pink, blue and yellow to renew that old white T-shirt.

Tie-dye in black t-shirt with bleach

The black t-shirt could not be left out of our list. The black background looks amazing with the marbling. The tip for a perfect result is to discolor the shirt first and then apply the color paint of your choice. Check out the complete tutorial!

Pink marbled tie-dye

Here, you learn a very easy step by step to make predominantly pink tie-dye, using water, pink paint and an elastic band. Check the measures of the products and renew your wardrobe now.

Marbled tie-dye on sweatshirt

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Want to give a new look to a sweatshirt set? So this video is for you. With water, tintol and string, you get a very stylish marbling result. Check out how to do it in the video!

Marbled tie-dye dress

Hello, passionate about dresses! In this video, you can follow how to make tie-dye in a white dress, giving a new life to the piece. Just use water, fabric paint and elastic to color. The technique here is not that of a snail: the dress is rumpled and then dyed. Check the details!

Want to know how to embrace this trend? Next, see photos of marbled tie-dye looks that will move you.

20 photos of looks with marbled tie-dye to inspire you

Now that you know how to make tie-dye with marbling, you need incredible ideas to compose your looks. So let’s go for photos!

1. Marbled tie-dye is on the rise

Jamie Glicky Chick

2. It is an age-old dyeing technique

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3. Which has been used in different segments

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4. But mostly in fashion, where did you find your perfect home


5. And the best: it is very easy to do at home!


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6. The marbled tie-dye combines with several pieces

Jocelyn Bedard

7. Like t-shirts, which can be renewed with different colors

Lindsey With The VSG

8. Loose and light dresses

Jamie Glicky Chick

9. Or even warm sweatshirts


10. Is it a set that you want? It is also possible


11. You can dare in combinations

Sana H

12. Just let go of the creativity

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13. Without giving up your style

Jamie Glicky Chick

14. And you don’t have to choose a color just

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15. You can abuse cheerful tones


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16. Pink is the darling of many people

Jamie Glicky Chick

17. But light tones are also beautiful and bring lightness to the look


18. So, have you found the perfect look?

Lucila Fernández

19. Enjoy the wave of the marbled tie-dye


20. And abuse the style without moderation!


And if you are looking for a very summer outfit that uses the tie-dye technique, you can’t miss these amazing bikini models that are on the rise!

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