How to defeat pimples under the skin


THE pimples under the skin they are often a source of discomfort for many people, a very annoying but at the same time widespread and common problem, which can affect the appearance of the face leaving it not fresh and cared for.

In recent years on social media, thanks to some influencers and famous people, many people have chosen to appear natural, without hiding skin imperfections in the name of so-called real beauty, body positivity or, more recently, body neutrality and denouncing the dangers of stereotyped and unattainable beauty standards.

A necessary revolution, which has a profound social value, especially for adolescents, and which if on the one hand it has to do with the need to love oneself and one’s body, compliant or not, on the other it does not prevent them from taking care of your skin and your appearance. If anything, it allows us to finally do it with the right serenity.

So let’s see what there is to know about pimples under the skin and what to do in those times when they intensify.

The hottest times of the year, especially the summer, which are those in which the skin is believed to dry the most, are the worst for the appearance of these imperfections. However much it is thought that the oily skin better with the sun the worsening of humidity, heat and pollution, which negatively affect the epidermis, should not be underestimated.

The skin exposed to the sun thickens to defend itself from the attack of ultraviolet rays and this hinders the regular release of sebum, often causing the obstruction of some pores and the consequent irritation of the sebaceous follicle which manifests itself with the appearance of pimples.

How to reduce pimples under the skin?

Pimples under the skin and blackheads they do not exclusively affect the skin of teenagers, despite what one might think due to changes and modifications in the hormonal level, but they also affect adults with a certain frequency, men and women.

Furthermore, skin imperfections that occur under the skin are perhaps even more insidious to treat than manifest ones, because they often do not cause particular problems and are easily overlooked, giving rise to swelling and redness more or less accentuated which in addition to damaging the appearance of the face, are often irritating and painful.

If you are particularly prone to the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads and pimples under the skin good prevention it is almost always the winning strategy to improve and heal the situation thorough daily cleansing, aimed at deeply removing any residue of make-up and dead cells, helps the skin to stay clean and promotes the opening of the pores, reducing the risk of accumulations of sebum under the skin.

In fact, when impurities and excess sebum block the pores, generally harmless bacteria can trigger infections, thus degenerating into different kinds of skin imperfections. In addition to careful cleansing, it is a good idea to use without exceeding one exfoliating scrub and choose the moisturizer best suited for your skin type.

The remedies to try

To better treat pimples under the skin, there are effective and easy-to-use remedies such as cleansers with a slightly abrasive and exfoliating effect embellished with ingredients. purifying and rebalancing.

Garnier’s Pure Active product line offers a number of extraordinary remedies for pimples which exploit the properties of the charcoal, ofsalicylic acid andherbarepair, extract of vaccinium myrtillus, with regenerating, purifying and repairing actions.

THE pimples under the skin should be treated with specially designed cosmetics, which ensure a light scrub and regenerate the skin by acting on imperfections with soothing and anti-bacterial function. The Pure Active range of Garnier guarantees a targeted action against oily skin, redness, pimples and blackheads, contributing to the well-being of the most problematic skin and ensuring a healthy, luminous and beautiful skin over time.

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Original article published on 25 September 2020

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