How to darken hair naturally: 6 methods

Come scurire i capelli in modo naturale: 6 metodi che funzionano

How darken hair naturally, obtaining an impact effect but that does not overly distort the look?

Sometimes, rather than completely revolutionizing your appearance, you want to give just a touch of novelty, perhaps playing a little with the color of your hair. A coppery shade on the brown hair, a darker color on the brown hair or maybe just a little light to the raven hair that has lost its intensity: to obtain these effects it is not necessary to turn to an expert.
Of course, hairdressing salons offer many services to darken hair, based on highlighters or dyes. Many of these products are quite aggressive and can be replaced with something more natural. And cheap! In fact, it is possible to use different ingredients which, thanks to their properties, allow you to act on the color of the hair giving it back life and are all common and easy to find ingredients.

How to darken hair naturally: 6 working methods

1. The benefits of cocoa

Brown hair is just beautiful, but it tends to look a little dull at times. To revitalize the color, make it more decisive and obtain a “chocolate” nuance, the right ingredient is just right cocoa, which gives a warm shade especially suitable during the cold seasons.

Darkening the hair in this way is very easy: the procedure must be repeated for about two weeks with each wash. In this way the locks will take on natural and warm reflections. It will be enough to fill a plastic bottle for two thirds of cocoa powder and for the remaining part of shampoo.

2. The benefits of coffee

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Among the many benefits of the coffee there are some that also affect hair. Specifically, it can be used to darken them, thanks to its very bright complexion. The ideal is to use the coffee in the phase preceding the washing, therefore as a pre shampoo pack.

About 3-4 cups of cold coffee will be enough, to be applied on all the strands and then left on for 30 minutes. After the necessary time has elapsed, proceed with shampooing and drying. Small precaution: having the coffee a strong and persistent smell, it is advisable to use a very fragrant shampoo, so as to cover the aroma, which even if good could still be too strong.

3. Sage decoction

Another ingredient to darken hair in a natural way by resorting to DIY is the sage, also capable of making the brown hair color darker and more decisive. Just boil some sage leaves for a couple of hours and, once cooled, spread the liquid obtained all over your hair, leaving it to act for an hour.

Again, the hair may be a little too fragrant, so it is best to wash your head thoroughly to eliminate any trace of odor. Repeat this procedure at least once a week for a month for visible results.

4. Green tea packs

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In the East to darken hair is widely used green tea. The procedure to follow is the same as the one that sees the sage protagonist, but the shutter speed changes, which is lower. With the green tea pack it takes just 15 minutes to have the first visible reflections, an effect that intensifies if repeated once a week for a couple of months.

5. Black tea packs

Like green tea, the you black it can be used to give the locks a stronger and more decisive shade, when the hair appears lifeless. Just prepare about 2 liters of very strong black tea, using the sachets or the leaves directly (available in herbal medicine). Then let it cool and use the drink on your hair, leaving it on for 15-20 minutes. Finally rinse thoroughly with warm water.

6. Vegetable powders

To darken hair naturally, there are also some on the market vegetable powders free from harmful chemicals, obtained from darkening plants. In ethnic shops, online shops or herbalists you can easily buy:

  • Walnut husk (Juglans regia): it has restructuring properties and gives brown-brown reflections. The powder should be mixed with warm water, lemon juice or vinegar or low-fat yogurt and left on for about two hours. The procedure must be repeated once a week and then once a month, to maintain the effect; also available on Amazon.
  • Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria): it is black henna. The powder is mixed with warm water, salt (to fix the color), a pinch of bicarbonate (to intensify the color) and apply immediately after on damp hair. It should be kept on for at least two hours; available on Amazon.
  • amla powder (Indian gooseberry): amla shines the hair and darkens it gradually. The procedure always involves mixing the powder with the water and then applying the compound obtained on damp and clean hair, keeping it on for at least two hours; available on Amazon.

Original article published on July 31, 2019

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