How to combine yellow, the color that makes you younger and darker and that is the favorite of influencers in summer


There are colors with a bad reputation, and then there is yellow, a ‘cursed’ shade for years that, however, has become the undisputed king of trends this season. Despite superstitions, in 2021, Pantone chose
Yellow Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) as Color of the Year, and reasons were not lacking: this “bright but not fluorescent yellow” is synonymous with positivity, warmth, optimism and hope, something of which we are very much needed in these times. So when we learned that, in addition, the search for ‘yellow dresses’ had increased by 300% last spring, according to Lyst (the global fashion shopping platform), we could not help but get carried away by the trend and fall in the temptation of the most flattering color of all. Word of influencer.

And it is that it does not matter the age or the size, if you are blonde or brown, with light or brown skin:
yellow always favors and, in addition, it is much easier to combine than it seems. It can be worn with toasted and earth tones, with beige, with black or white, and if you dare, you can play color block by combining it with blues, greens or fuchsias.

With a
immediate ‘good face effect’, the range of yellows enhances tanning and is an absolute success to wear in summer. The
neon shades they are perfect to wear in accessories and add a striking note to your look; Meanwhile in
softer tones like pastel yellow or vanilla we will add a very naive and romantic touch to our outfits.

As if that were not enough, it is a color that becomes the protagonist already we take it
in ‘total looks’ or in details that make a difference: yellow dresses are not only the most sought after of the summer (‘fault’, among others, of Sara Carbonero with her impeccable looks in this color), accessories in this color also become essential in our seasonal wardrobe.

And now that you’ve seen
how those who know the most about fashion wear the color yellowWhat are you waiting for to copy their looks and succeed with your summer outfits?

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