How to clean make-up brushes without damaging them: the step by step guide


Dirtying them with blush, foundation and lipstick is more fun, but for your makeup to always look perfect you definitely need to learn how to clean makeup brushes. Here’s how to do it right and, above all, without ruining them.

If you love makeup, learn how to clean makeup brushes it should definitely be on your to do list. The reality, in fact, is that this is a very simple operation, but it will prevent you from discovering how many germs and bacteria can accumulate in the bristles of your brush set and what damage they can cause. Starting from the possible impurities that could give you a foundation brush dirty. Here’s why you should really dedicate yourself to brush cleaning after each use or, at least, once a week. How to clean brushes without damaging them? 4 steps, soap and water are enough.

How to clean make-up brushes: remove excess product

A correct brush cleaning can only begin with a careful examination of the bristles. The makeup brushes you use with liquid and cream products, in fact, will need a much more thorough wash than the brushes dedicated to powders. Precisely for this reason, before moistening them with warm water you will have to make sure that the bristles are perfectly dry and, to do so, you will need a tissue or a cotton swab. At this point, you can proceed with the actual washing. Start by wetting the bristles of yours makeup brushes with lukewarm water, making sure that not a single drop falls on the joint of the handle or you could damage the bristles. The secret to clean make-up brushes without damaging them? Keep them upside down under running water.


Use the right cleansers to wash the bristles

The watchword when it comes to how to clean makeup brushes well it is “delicacy”. That’s why you absolutely need to find the right solvent with which to make natural and synthetic bristles look like new. The ideal is to rely on a mild soap such as baby soap or wash your makeup brushes with the Marseille soap, rubbing the bristles directly on the bar of soap. You are tempted to use a normal makeup remover, right? Mistaken! These products, in fact, are designed to cleanse the skin and no other surface and, consequently, could ruin the bristles, hardening them. If you prefer clean makeup brushes naturallyInstead, you can rely on many different methods, to choose according to the dirt you need to get rid of. Warm water and baking soda, for example, are excellent remedies for erasing powder residues, but olive and almond oil will help you dissolve any traces of foundation, concealer and lipstick, even the most resistant.

How to clean make-up brushes without damaging them? A question of technique

Once the bristles are soapy, the best way to clean brushes without damaging them is to rub them gently. You can do this simply on the palm of your hand, twirling the bristles and rinsing them until you have removed any residue not only of makeup but also of soap. Alternatively, you can try a cleansing pad. These are simple silicone pads, perfect for clean new brushes as well without risking damaging the bristles. The knurled side of the disc will help you clean each individual bristle, while the grooved side will facilitate rinsing. To make sure you have one cleaning makeup brushes really perfect, check the color of the water: when it becomes transparent, your work will be finished.


Never underestimate drying

It will also be the final stage of your routine for wash makeup brushes, but nothing is more important than drying. Dry the makeup brushesin fact, above all it means preventing them from losing their original shape. To do this, start by dabbing the bristles with a towel to get rid of excess water, holding the brushes upside down so that moisture doesn’t get to the handle. At this point, all you have to do is wait. To avoid damaging the bristles, in fact, the only thing to do is to leave dry the brushes in the air, possibly lying on a towel. So that they do not lose their shape, the ideal is to spread them on a flat surface, but not excessively rigid and, above all, away from sources of direct heat.

How to clean makeup brushes quickly thanks to the secrets of makeup artists

You need clean and dry make-up brushes at the speed of light? The secret to steal comes directly from the makeup artists and the backstage of the fashion shows, where there is definitely no time for wash and dry the brushes calmly. All you need is a dry sponge, on which you will simply have to rub the dirty brush to remove the color. Unfortunately, this trick only works with powdered products and won’t help you clean your foundation brush liquid. In this case, in fact, you will have to rely on specific products such as brush cleansers, to be sprayed directly on the bristles.

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