How perfect lips are made according to science

Come sono fatte le labbra perfette secondo la scienza

What makes a woman’s lips perfect? A team of researchers from theUniversity of California of Irvine and the answer, published on the pages of the magazine Jama Facial Plastic Surgery, was found. The secret of perfect lips would lie in the proportion between upper lip, lower lip and face.

According to the researchers, the winning formula would be 1: 2. That is: the volume of the lower lip should be double that of the upper one. To reach this conclusion, the researchers showed university students, aged between 18 and 25, a series of photos of women, considered aesthetically pleasing, but with different proportions of their lips.

For the lucky ones born with lips as described by the study, it is obviously only a confirmation. For women who decide to resort to a scalpel, however, these are precious indications that, the authors of the research assure, can avoid nasty surprises. The results of this research could also be important for doctors, defining a sort of clinical guidelines in the approach to facial plastic surgery.

If you do not intend to resort to needles and pricks, know that there are factors related to your lifestyle that can affect the volume of the lips, such as not smoking, not prolonging sun exposure and not overdoing alcohol. .

The fact remains that the perception of beauty is always influenced by the context in which one moves and that the characteristics considered perfect are not always the same for everyone. Beauty, therefore, remains a dynamic concept that depends on historical eras, traditions, geography, media influences and personal tastes.

Charisma, self-esteem and self-confidence have nothing to do with perfect lips, sculpted legs, flat bellies or wrinkle-free faces, because beauty is a set of factors that go beyond the limits of the body. Ultimately, perfection does not exist and indeed: it is precisely those imperfections that make us unique that also make us beautiful.

In the gallery, some examples of the star system with “perfect lips”, according to science.

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