How often to wash your hair: the theories for 7 types of hair

Ogni quanto lavare i capelli: le teorie a seconda del tuo tipo di chioma

Each hair type has its own features, which make it more or less prone to being dirty. Usually no hair really needs to be washed too often, despite the production of sebum and other external factors. How often should you wash your hair then?

To answer the question correctly, it is necessary to take into account both the type of scalp, of the consistency of the hair, of the use of products of styling, but also of habits daily, and of the influence of hormones e pollution. Let’s see how often to wash the different types of hair and some general tips for washing them without damaging them.

How often should you wash your greasy hair?

Take care of the fat hair it is not easy, because they are the type of hair that is increasingly greasy and “dirty”, despite being washed often. What are the tips for washing oily hair? First of all, eliminate too aggressive shampoos, even those that, by label, are for oily hair. These in fact contain surfactants too strong, which eliminate the natural oils hair.

To defend itself, the skin produces more sebum in order to restore balance, but giving the impression of having hair greasy. The best solution then is to wash your oily hair using one mild shampoo for frequent washing, ea alternate days, trying to rinse the product as much as possible. If you want to use masks or balms to soften the hair, it is better to apply them only on the ends, as they are more oily products.

How often should I wash dry hair?

THE dry hair they are usually even more fragile and they tend to break more, but despite this they get less dirty. Consequently, the suitable washing frequency is one once a week about. Washing your hair more often risks weakening it more.

It is therefore preferable during the other days to use a dry shampoo and nourishing products that give softness and vitality without having to wash them. For dry them, it is preferable, at least in the warm seasons, natural drying, without the use of the hair dryer, which tends to dry the hair even more, as well as the plate.

Low shampoo: what it is and what it is for

We recommend …

Low shampoo: what it is and what it is for

The low shampoo is a cleansing cream without sulphates and petroleum derivatives that is used to wash hair without damaging it.

How often should you wash curly hair?

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THE curly hair they have greater resistance to dirt, and tend to stay clean longer. However they are difficult to keep and care for, and often require the use of styling products how lackey or foams. Therefore it is recommended to wash curly hair once or twice a week using detangling or volumizing shampoo and conditioner, so that the curls are naturally perfect.

How often to wash fine hair

Another aspect to consider in order to know how often to wash your hair is the texture of the hair. THE fine hair they are also a bit more fragile, and consequently an average frequency of 3 times a week is the best to keep them clean without stress them too much. Again, the hairdryer and there plate they should be used in moderation, as they tend to damage and break them. Use volumizing and nourishing shampoos instead it helps them to be healthier and cleaner.

How often to wash thick hair

THE thick hair on the contrary they are more resistant to washing, and can therefore also be washed every 2 or three days. The important thing, more than the frequency, is the way in which they wash: it is important to wash and rinse them carefully to avoid residues of shampoo and products. Washing and drying thick hair is longer and more complex because a lot full-bodied is bulky. For this reason, liquid shampoos are more recommended, while conditioners and masks are to be used occasionally against frizzy and the knots.

How often should you wash long hair?

To know how often to wash your hair, one factor to take into account is the length. Clearly i long hair they come into contact more easily with dirty surfaces and are more within reach of dirt and pollution. Those who wear long hair are also more inclined to play with their fingers, to arrange them in tails and braids, to wear them behind the ears or to touch the tuft. In reality, being longer, it is more difficult to notice dirt: consequently, it is recommended to wash them no more than 2 times a week: it is sufficient to find the right product to feel clean even for days.

How often should you wash your short hair?

Who brings i short hair generally tends to wash them more often, even every day, because it is easier to keep and care for them if they are well cleaned. However, this is wrong, as it is not the length of the hair that matters, but the type. Whether they are thin or thick, oily or dry. With normal short hair, it is good practice to wash it often, 2 to 3 times a week, also because they touch and “dirty” with products more often, to arrange them as we like, but using neutral and anti-residue shampoos that eliminate styling products.

7 tips to wash your hair without damaging it

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We have seen how the frequency of washing can vary depending on the type of hair, but dirt also derives from the living conditions and stress to which the hair is forced. In order not to damage them when washing, here are some tips that are valid for all types of scalp.

  1. Know the characteristics of your hair is essential to know how often and with which products to wash them without damaging them.
  2. It is always recommended not to wash your hair nor too little for reasons of hygiene, nor too often: if they are washed every day they get dirty more easily because natural oils are eliminated, causing an increase in sebum production. Furthermore, washing them often also means drying them frequently, risking damaging them with the heat of the hairdryer.
  3. After washing, it is important dry them correctly, so that they do not get damaged. If you can avoid the hair dryer, yes dab with the towel, without rubbing them. The hairdryer you can use it, but not too hot is preferable.
  4. You can use products to apply before shampooing, which help protect hair and keep it clean. For example one soothing and purifying scrub which cleanses the hair even where the shampoo does not reach, on the skin at the base of the hair, eliminating dandruff and sebum.
  5. To have a better and lasting result, they can be done two passes of shampoo, but using the quantity of sufficient product, ie the size of a coin, to be passed only on the skin, and less on the lengths.
  6. Use good products and changing the brand and type of shampoo often helps not to damage the hair and skin, because you can enjoy the properties of each product.
  7. Be careful to keep the clean and limescale-free shower, substance that damages the hair a lot.

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