How not to make lipstick smudge: the ultimate guide


Do you love to wear lipstick? Here’s how to make it last as long as possible

You love to show off vibrantly colored lips and do not give up lipstick even when you wear the mask? Welcome to the club of #lipstickaddicted! For us there is only one big concern when we wear our favorite color: to make it last as long as possible. But how to do it? Read this small but complete guide on how not to smudge lipstick for a long lasting lip make-up!

How not to make lipstick smudge: isfluff your lips

Absolutely the first gesture, the one that allows you to eliminate all the annoying skin and dead cells. L’exfoliation it also concerns the lips and is a fundamental step (although not the only one) to show off a make-up to scream. Obviously, daily exfoliation is not necessary: ​​just repeat the gesture once a week, especially during the cold season, when the lips demand extra attention. There are many specific products on the market, but if you need a last minute remedy, remember you can use it too brush – or use the old “grandmother’s” method by mixing honey and sugar and passing the mixture on your lips.

Moisturize your lips before applying lipstick

Here is another gesture that is often not given due attention: thehydration, a must not only for the face and body but also for the lips. The ideal would be to pass one lip cream or a balm as the very first make-up gesture, leaving the lips time to absorb it and then moving on to applying the lipstick. Be careful to apply the right amount of product by removing the excess with the tissue. The cream or conditioner, perhaps enriched with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients, are essential to prevent the lipstick from migrating to the lip contour area, creating the unsightly “Joker” effect.

How not to make lipstick smudge: apply a lipstick base

It serves for smooth your lips and to ensure greater color retention. There are many lip primer on the market, but you can solve this step by applying a veil of concealer or foundation of the same color useful for camouflaging discolorations.

Eye to the outline

Before applying the lipstick, another step remains: the lip pencil. All make-up artists agree in suggesting the use of a transparent product whose goal is, as for the base, that the lipstick does not go beyond the contour (natural or drawn) of the lips. If in doubt, remember to apply it outside the mucous membrane, then on the skin around the lips. Prefer one coloured pencil? No problem: the important thing is that it is from same shade of lipstick.

How not to make lipstick smudge: choose the right formula for you

Not all lipsticks have the same yield – you know that too. To avoid smudging, it is better to prefer i matte lipsticks which guarantee a better seal and adherence to the lips. If you don’t like the matte finish, the trick is to go over the matte base a lip gloss or a vinyl lipstick on all lips or only in the center to give an extra touch of brightness.

Blot with a tissue

If you have chosen a matte lipstick, remove excess product with one tissue. If, on the other hand, you used an rcreamy bone and you would prefer to mattify it, apply a little powder on the tissue paper placing it gently on the lips: it is the best known beauty tip guarantee the durability of the color.

Oops, I made a mistake!

Normal, do you know someone who never makes mistakes? For correct smudges on the fly, use a liquid concealer going to cover the color where it is not homogeneous. You might need a small brush to do a precision job: make sure you have it in your beauty case.

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