How much sunscreen should you put on to be safe?


It is well known that sun protection is extremely important to preserve the health and beauty of our skin. But are we really sure we are using it in the right way and in the right quantities? Let’s find out together!

Sun, sun and more sun. As long as you always remember (and several times a day) to put on sunscreen. The reason? Simple. There care of our skin from the harmful effects that UV rays they may have on it. And these are so many, from dehydration to the formation of redness, erythema or irritation. From skin aging (including wrinkles), to the formation of skin diseases, even to tumors.

If on the one hand, therefore, understand iThis is why it is important to put on sunscreen before exposing oneself to the sun it is quite clear, on the other hand a question may arise spontaneously: how much you need to put to be really safe and preserve the well-being of your skin? Here, then, is everything you need to know for keep your skin healthy and beautiful, from the first rays of the morning sun until the evening.

What does the sunscreen protect against?

The first thing to know when it comes to sunscreen is why you use it. Or better, what you are protecting yourself from. As we have seen, in fact, the reasons why it is important to shield the skin from the sun’s rays are many and all of a certain importance. Not all rays, however, are harmful for the body. In fact, if you expose yourself correctly, the sun helps to:

  • promote the production of vitamin D;
  • fortify bones, muscles and joints;
  • improve mood and sleep quality;
  • decrease stress;
  • increase the efficiency of the immune system;
  • etc.

But what are, then, the harmful rays and from which it is good to protect yourself? And what is their impact on the skin?

Types of solar rays

The sun’s rays are essentially divided into three types:

  • visible light, which illuminates and on which a very small part of the tan depends;
  • infrared rays, which heat but are not a health hazard:
  • ultraviolet rays (UV AB and C).

The latter are those from which it is important to protect oneself as they are able to reach and penetrate the skin, giving it that color that we love so much in the summer but also the problems already listed.

body sunscreen

Difference between UVA and UVB rays

In particular, the rays to which it is important to pay more attention are UVA and UVB rays. But what there is a difference between these two types?

  • THE UVA rays are about 90-95% of the total of all UV rays and produce constant irradiation (which is why sunscreen should always be used, including it in your beauty routine and regardless of the season of the year). These penetrate deeper, up to the layers of the dermis and are mainly responsible for skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, dermatitis and the development of skin tumors.
  • THE UVB rays, on the other hand, representing about 5-10% of the total (and they are the ones most involved in tanning) depend a lot on factors such as the season in which you are or the altitude and are more dangerous especially in the months between April and October. In addition, then, to be at the basis of problems such as the formation of sunburn, sunburn and also in this case, skin tumors.

sun protection rays

Sunscreen: which one to choose and how much to use?

Constantly applying sunscreen, therefore, allows us to protect the skin from these types of rays and preserve its natural balance and health. Obviously choosing the most suitable protection factor and using it in the right way.

In fact, to guarantee the skin a good shielding, it is not enough to casually spread a little cream on the body or spray the protection like a cloud of perfume. Maybe buying the first package that you can find at the supermarket. If you really want to benefit from sunscreen it is important choose one with a sufficiently high SPF factor (and pay attention to the doses).

sunscreen value spf

What does the SPF factor mean

First, therefore, it is important to understand what theSPF or the Sun Protection Factor or sun protection factor. Using a more or less high one (and usually we tend to use the lowest possible), in fact, does not indicate your degree of heroism or recklessness, but the degree of protection that you can have throughout the day.

girl sunscreen

Specifically, the SPF indicates the number of times that UV exposure is reduced by applying sunscreen. This means that if it takes about 15 minutes in the sun to burn your skin, with an SPF 15 protection, this timing is lengthened by 15 times, which is about 3 hours and 45 minutes. And so on as the SPF factor rises.

Here’s why it would be better to opt for high protection, 30 or 50, regardless of complexion or tan level (UV rays are equally harmful). Applying it in ways and in the correct quantity.

How much sunscreen to apply

In fact, to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product, the protection must be used 15/20 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. And for several times during the day (every about two hours). Especially if you spend it all on the beach or in the pool doing it in and out of the water. The ideal would be to put the cream back after each bath.

And always in the correct quantities. But what are they? Assuming that most people, out of haste or reluctantly, put too little of it, the right amount would be 2 mg of product for every square centimeter of skin. More or less 4 grams of face cream and about 30 grams for the body. Let’s say that to give a more objective reference, a normal bottle of 150/200 ml will have to suffice for a maximum of 6 applications.

quantity sunscreen

Ok, some might rightly object that none of us have a scale or a dispenser in our bag (and not even the desire) to check these quantities.

True. To simplify everything, however, we can say that, in general, each of us puts in half of what we should. Which translated means that, in order to guarantee real and sufficient protection, it is important to learn how to abound a little more than you usually do (and for those who do not wear it, it is good to start immediately).

sunscreen girl

Of course, perhaps a bottle will not be enough for the whole season (and to be sure you have understood correctly it must absolutely not be enough) but you will certainly guarantee yourself a healthy, beautiful and well protected skin. Throughout the summer but also in every other season of the year. Preserving it in all its natural beauty, with maximum effectiveness and very little effort. Just the time for a nice caress.

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