How does a Cancerian approach the beauty routine?


Simplicity, sweetness and constancy. The beauty routine of those born under the sign of Cancer is made up of essential gestures and some sweet pampering for the body and mind. To give you an always fresh, neat and super charming look.

Simplicity and sweetness. These are the main characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer, in life but also in those small and essential daily gestures that help to guarantee you an always fresh and natural look. An ad hoc beauty routine, made up of attention and self-care.

Able to enhance the features even more elegant and refined of your features and the sensitive and romantic nature that distinguishes you so much. In short, a beauty routine based on a single word delicacy. Able to protect your skin and guarantee you a always neat and naturally bright appearance. Here, then, are the secret moves that make Cancer women the most candid and feminine of the zodiac.

Beauty routine: Cancer skincare

Those born under the Cancer stars only want two things from their skincare, delicacy and protection. And since the sensitivity that characterizes you so much is also one of the peculiarities that characterize your skin, your main goal is to avoid and prevent that on your face (and in general on the whole body) are formed annoying redness or irritation.

No harsh or elaborate treatments (after all, you are lucky enough not to need them). But simple gestures, natural products and a delicate beauty routine, targeted, precise and, above all, by good lovers of traditions, consolidated.

beauty routine skincare

Beauty routine vii know

For the face, in addition to the daily cleansing with products that preserve the skin, freeing it from the impurities of the day, andhydration with light but super nourishing creams or lotions, cancer born never forget two potent ones allies of beauty: masks and scrubs (as long as they are super delicate). An essential weekly pampering.

beauty routine mask

For masks, the ideal is to opt for purifying and nourishing products. Able to cleanse and detoxify the skin but without attacking it, bringing it back to hers in a flash natural state of well-being.

Which also applies to scrubs. Exfoliate the skin for you it is really a fundamental step. Because there is nothing more beautiful for you than having one soft, smooth skin with a rosy complexion. For this reason, also depending on the type of your skin (oily, mixed, dry), you can opt for super natural scrubs, perhaps with bases of honey or almond oil. Sweet and delicate, just like you.

beauty routine scrub

Beauty routine corpo

And for the body? Forgetting it is really impossible for those born Cancer. And that’s why, when it comes to skincare and beauty care, even the cleansing and hydration of the body occupy a fundamental place in your beauty routine.

As for the face, the three magic words of your simple me are very effective beauty ritual:

  • cleansing, with targeted and super delicate products;
  • exfoliation, to eliminate dead cells and guarantee you skin that is always soft, smooth and touch-proof;
  • hydration, with vegetable oils (for example sweet almond oil) or nourishing and protective creams.

cleansing beauty routine

Few and essential steps, which make you want the queens of simplicity but with the results of true beauty professionals.

Pampering and massages

And if on the one hand skin care is an essential step in your beauty routine, on the other hand as good lovers of pampering, it is also take care of your body in a deeper way. Making you massage by expert and prepared hands, to be good for your skin but also for your mind.

That’s why, it is not uncommon to see yourself lying on a bed, wrapped in a white cloth and with the soft light, while you pampered by a nice massage regenerating with essential oils with exotic tones. Or even treatments with an energizing effect or, even better, super relaxing. A real cure-all for body and spirit and a mood that means to you self-care and a mix of beautiful sensations.

beauty routine massage

Next step of the beauty routine? The trick!

Light, essential and delicate. Even when it comes to makeup simplicity is your best weapon. After all, you are already tremendously charming with a soap and water look. Your make-up is invisible, with nude or pink tones. That enhance your features and the natural color of your complexion, without ever distorting or moving away from your concept of beauty.

beauty routine makeup

But be careful. This does not mean that make-up is not part of your beauty routine. Of course there is and sometimes you like to embellish it with a touch of “color”.

Lunar eyes

And not just any one. The color of Cancer is the White just as the pearl is his birthstone. That’s why, never forget to bring one with you white pencil, to be applied in the inner rim of the eyelids and a touch of eyeshadow with lunar tones (white, gray, pink but always with a pearly effect). Little touches of style that make it the gaze is the real protagonist of your beauty look.

Face and lips

For the face, however, but without exaggerating, Cancer women love brightness, but always with light and delicate tones. After all, your skin is already radiant on its own and it takes very little to enhance it even more. Quite right a brushstroke and you are already perfect. And for the lips? Just a light swipe of lipstick or nude or pink gloss or maybe why not, even in the cherry tones. For a kissing effect!

beauty routine kiss

Fairytale hair for a super romantic look

When it comes to beauty routines, then, those born under the sign of Cancer cannot forget (and never will) the hair care which must always be soft and silky. But not only. The hair of the women of this water sign does not have never elaborate cuts but much more classic and “traditional” (long bobs, smooth or wavy, a long loose hair or tied in a low ponytail). Hairstyles in the name of simplicity, elegance and refinement. But always with a touch of romance.

hair beauty routine

But how to have hair that is always beautiful, shiny and healthy with every movement? Simple, with one specific and targeted beauty routine:

  • cleansing, with shampoos and delicate and natural products;
  • balm, to protect the hair and always make it super smooth (as you like it);
  • masks, to nourish the hair from root to tip, plumping it and shielding it from external agents;
  • protective oils for the beach or the pool (protection is your watchword when it comes to beauty).

beauty routine hair care

For a refined look but with a super nature effect. What a call romantic, delicate and slightly retro-toned images.

In short, for you born under the stars of cancer, the beauty routine is essential, constant and aimed at maximum protection of your beauty. As if to say, since nature has already been extremely generous to you (after all, yours is one of the most fascinating signs of the zodiac). All you have to do is preserve these gifts. Enhancing them in the correct way and pampering yourself with all the sweetness you are capable of.

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