Hobo bag: history, combinations and recommended models


Small, large, shoulder, shoulder, hand, leather, fabric or printed, the bags they are among the favorite accessories for women who love to follow the styles and trends in vogue; complete the look, they are useful for carrying the essential items we need for our days, and on special occasions they tend to give that glamorous touch that fashion addicts cannot give up.

As mentioned, there are plenty of models and styles, and each bag tells a lot about the wearer; there are those, for example, who could never do without capacious bags, to always have everything you need at your fingertips, and whoever finds it more practical shoulder bags that leave your hands free; many like to match the bag to the color of the shoes, of the belt, while others choose colors that are clearly in contrast with those of the outfit to give a more aggressive and personality touch to their look.

Whatever you think, if you are a fan of this precious accessory you cannot help but know that the bag of the moment is only one: the hobo bag.

Hobo bag: history and origins

There hobo bag it is an accessory that absolutely cannot be missing in wardrobes that draw their inspiration from the 60s and 70s; we are talking about a bag of rather important dimensions, often in the shape of a crescent and with a ruffled effect, generally single-shoulder, which could recall the bundle of the homeless; in fact, in the slang, hobo is precisely the vagabond who adopts, generally voluntarily, a homeless lifestyle.

The first hobo bag was created in the 1950s by the maison Gucci, and was shaped like a bucket; despite being very inconspicuous, it was among the favorite models of none other than the former American First Lady Jackie Kennedy, which was often photographed with this type of bag, and in particular with the brand’s signature bag, the Fifties Constance, later renamed Jackie, in 1961, in honor of her prestigious fan; currently the price of this bag is around 1600 euros.

But Jackie O’s bag made such an impression on other women that virtually every other fashion house has decided to make a similar model, and today one of the most iconic models is the Prada Hobo, loved for its versatility and capacity.

How to combine hobo bags?

The hobo bog lends itself particularly well to casual and rather informal outfits; as previously mentioned, this model has depopulated especially in the 60s and 70s, being appreciated by hippies, not only women, as it is considered unisex model. In fact, even today the hobo bag is perfect on dresses with a boho taste, for example with a light dress and ankle boots, or in a summer girly outfit, with a T-shirt and printed maxi skirt.

If anyone wants one more glamorous version, some brands replace the classic belt with a chain, which makes the hobo bag ideal with more formal outfits, with denim shirts or white skinny jeans.

Finally, smaller hobo bags with shorter shoulder straps are ideal for more formal outfits. In any case, as always, the important thing is that you feel comfortable in the look you choose, and that the bag meets your personality and your needs.

Hobo bag: types and models

Certainly not everyone has the opportunity to spend disproportionate amounts on a bag; Fortunately, as always the Internet offers an incredible variety of solutions to absolutely affordable prices, like these models, which are on Amazon and which we propose below.

fashion hobo bag

fashion hobo bag

Comfortable and spacious, with many zippers and compartments, the fashion hobo is ideal for more informal and casual looks.

Buy on Amazon


  • Suede shoulder bag
  • Wide


  • To be washed only with products specifically for the skin

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Guess DIGITAL hobo bag

Guess DIGITAL hobo bag

The Guess DIGITAL hobo bag is large and spacious, and the black gives it an elegant and formal look.

€ 144 on Amazon


  • Value for money
  • Quality material

Love Moschino hobo bag

Love Moschino hobo bag

Love Moschino is a particularly bold line full of witty creativity. The ideal choice for young women looking for an inimitable look.

114 € on Amazon


  • Made of quality PU synthetic leather
  • Spacious

Hobo bags on the 2021 fashion catwalks

hobo bagSource: Brandon Maxwell / Bottega Veneta

Being one of the hottest models already from summer 2020 – and the trend promises to continue also in the next season – the hobo bag has been the protagonist of many catwalks.

Zimmermann, for example, he proposed an XL version with fringes, and in general the trendy hobo bag seems to be black and rather roomy, to be worn on the shoulder, as in the models proposed by Bottega Veneta, with the typical interweaving of the maison that is the protagonist.

Celebrities also choose hobo bags, like Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, or the fashionista Kendall Jenner.

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