Hips hip dips and culotte de cheval, differences: all you need to know


After all, funny names that – if you like – play down small defects in the silhouette. Here is a guide to the remedies to minimize them

In view of the summer it is normal to remember to face the cellulite chapter on the hips, buttocks and thighs: after all, it still takes 3 months to fight it. Sometimes, the “study” can focus on fat pads through benchmarking of slimming creams or targeted workouts. In all this, a clarification on the main imperfections with nice names can certainly be useful. Ever heard of hip dips? And what does culotte de cheval mean exactly? Or banana rolls: what are they? In short, discover the differences between these imperfections, always assuming that they are.

Hip dips: what they are

From the English hip (hips) and dips (violin), the hip dips I’m hips not perfectly round but violin, that is, with a slightly wavy shape. Mistakenly mistaken for accumulations of fat, hip dips actually depend on physical conformation individual. For this reason, they can be a feature of both lean and curvy physiques, and even those that are muscular or decidedly long-limbed. The violin hips do not form, in fact, due to excess kilos or centimeters, due to lack of physical activity or wrong diet. The real cause? It is strictly anatomical, and depends on the height at which the lees are placed pelvis bones: in the hip dips they are slightly lower than the round hips, so they form a sort of depression with respect to the hip.

Solutions for hip dips

Can hip dips be reduced? No, because they depend on the physical conformation. Exercises of muscle strengthening around the hips can somewhat minimize the characteristic undulation between the hip and pelvis. But the change would be so small that the efforts would not pay off. Even the way of aesthetic medicine is not effective, unless you want to resort to too drastic and painful remedies, that is, implanting prostheses in the hips or sawing the bones of the hips or pelvis (or both). But it’s worth it?

The only solution is the targeted clothing choices, always if you want to camouflage the hip dips. Therefore, opt for high-waisted skirts and trousers and asoft fabrics from the slipped line.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to show them with pride (the top Bella Hadid is a pioneer of the “love your hip dips” movement), the choices will fall on other dresses. Green light to snug dresses, tight leggings and pant skinny, perhaps with a low waist, to accentuate the violin hips.

Culotte de cheval: what they are

The literal translation of the French expression culotte de cheval is “saddlebags”. And indeed, i hips with culotte de cheval reminiscent of the typical bags that are placed on horses or bicycles, to contain objects. These are localized accumulations of fat between thigh and buttock, then in the lower part of the hips. They widen the silhouette as if wearing a “padded” culotte.

Usually the culotte de cheval are accompanied by water retention. In addition, they can depend on a predisposition, especially in the case of wide hips or venous insufficiency which does not favor a correct exchange of liquids.

Solutions against culotte de cheval

Against the culotte de cheval there are various remedies: from targeted physical activity to diet, passing through aesthetic medicine treatments and massages.

Among the exercises to reduce the culotte de cheval are indicated squats and lunges, to be performed even at home. However, you need to be consistent to see the results. The flab on the hips is also fought with the toaerobic activity such as fit walking, cycling, swimming and all water sports, such as water aerobics and hidrobike. To this you can add exercises with the elastic to increase tension and allow the outer thigh muscles to work more intensely.

The diet against fatty deposits on the hips

In fact, there is no real diet against culotte de cheval and other hip pads. However, you can adopt dietary habits that can refine the silhouette over time. Here are some tips:

  • drink at least two liters of water per day, choosing it with low mineral content and low in sodium;
  • reduce salt and carbonated and sugary drinks;
  • to consume Whole grains to foster the sense of satiety;
  • follow a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables with draining power (fennel, asparagus, broccoli, celery);
  • include proteins from legumes, eggs, white meats or fish in every meal;
  • rely on supplements based on substances that favor the drainage of liquids (pineapple, horse chestnut extracts, pilosella, fennel, horsetail, butcher’s broom and centella asiatica).

As for the aesthetic medicine treatments against the hips widened by culotte de cheval, are the same indicated against the banana rolls under the buttocks, which we deal with in the next paragraph.

Banana rolls under the buttocks: what they are

Banana rolls are gods localized rolls of fat under the buttocks. They are called this because they resemble the half-circle shape of a banana. They are fat pads separated from the buttock, and can have a more or less extended shape accompanied by water retention. Banana rolls are often constitutional, as they are made up of non-reserve fat, that is, it is not easily eliminated with diets. On the contrary, the severe reduction of calories could highlight them. Moreover, they are not the prerogative of curvy women, but also afflict the leanest and most sporty.

Solutions against banana rolls

Banana rolls under the buttocks are mainly fought by the dermatologist or aesthetic doctor. The most effective are those that reduce localized adiposity such as carboxytherapy and the Onda Coolwaves treatment. Carboxytherapy consists of micro-injections of intradermal carbon dioxide that help the accumulation of fat under the buttocks, also affected by cellulite.

The Onda Coolwaves treatment, on the other hand, is a latest generation painless therapy, specific to dissolve the most resistant pads. It is performed using a particular handpiece that releases waves at different intensity and depth to reduce localized fat and cellulite.

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