Hips dips, why can’t they be eliminated?


Hip dips or fiddle hips are a beautiful feature of women. They have no connection whatsoever with weight or size: they simply represent indentations between the hip and the love handles, which create a wavy effect on the hips. This peculiarity deserves to be accentuated and enhanced thanks to clothing: read this article and you will discover that this physical conformation is not worth hiding!

What are hips dips

The “hips dips“Are the so-called” violin “, which have a slight concavity between hip and beginning of thigh. They do not depend on a localized accumulation of fat, as we often tend to think, but derive from a real genetic conformation. As for the purely anatomical aspect, this specific shape of the hips is due to the shape of the pelvis and the height in which the bones are positioned.

For this reason, it is a characteristic that unites both curvy and skinny and perhaps muscular bodies. In other words, hip dips are not the consequence of poor physical activity, quite the contrary. It is a peculiarity of various types of bodies, so rather than eliminating it, it is much better to enhance it and make it a strength of your beauty.

Hips dips and body shapes

Depending on the type of physique that characterizes you, hips dips produce a different effect.

  • If you are Rectangle, Apple or Oval, the curve of the hip no longer protrudes than the love handles. In terms of clothing, therefore, you do not need to take special precautions.
  • If you have a form a Hourglass or Pear, the hips dips are quite visible: to enhance the wider side, just opt ​​for dresses and skirts and dresses with a slightly stiff and flared fabric.

Keep in mind that, in general, it is often just a matter of choosing the clothing that fits your body best to enhance its peculiarities and strengths!

girls with different body shapes

The relationship between violin hips and clothing

Also Bella Hadid has made hips dips a strong point, becoming an icon of women who have this type of body, so why not try it too? To enhance the hips dips as unique features of your body you can choose above all, as we said before, the types of suitable garments.

Hips Dips by Bella Hadid

The garments to wear to enhance your hips dips

We’re talking about a beautiful body feature, so hips dips shouldn’t be hidden away with baggy shirts, blouses and high-waisted jeans. Let’s see which garments are more suitable for enhancing the violin hips:

  • leggings, jeggins is skinny jeans, that delicately underline the shapes;
  • as far as the top, you can opt for tops, shirts and blouses with peplum, which creates a see-through effect with very jaunty curves;
  • about the jackets is the cardigansinstead, we advise you to focus on models that reach at least up to the second side and therefore are a bit long. Then consider that they are very versatile and make any type of outfit elegant and refined;
  • as regards the skirtsinstead, go for soft models. I especially recommend the typical models flared or bell-shaped.

flared skirt ideal for hips dips

The most suitable physical exercises

To enhance the hips dips in the most appropriate way, you can also perform targeted physical exercises. In this case, you have to choose activities that actually know how to sculpt your shapes, enhancing and toning them, but never, we repeat, hiding them!

Exercises aimed at hips dips

As we have already said, hips dips are not dependent on fat, weight, water retention, etc. Through training you can enhance them and make them breathtaking. We recommend ten types of exercises to include in your workout:

  • Standing Side Leg Raise: they help you build muscles along your hips and tighten your glutes. You may also feel a stretch in the inner thigh!
  • Squat: they are the perfect way to tone the buttocks, thighs and hips.

girl does squats for hips dips

  • Standing side-to-side squats: keep your butt down during these exercises. When your feet come together, squat a little lower, perhaps helping yourself with ankle weights.
  • Standing lunges: they help you to give stability to your body.
  • Side lunges: they help you work your whole leg.
  • Side hip openings: help you strengthen and sculpt your outer thighs, hips and lateral glutes. One trick: make sure you keep your weight evenly distributed between your hands and knees!
  • Bridge for the buttocks: this exercise helps you support your body and train your abs.
  • Side leg raise: be sure to use the muscles of the hips and buttocks to perform the movements. Again you can use ankle weights.
  • Kickback for the buttocks: so-called “donkey kicks” are exercises that stimulate the hamstrings, such as the knee flexors and hip extensors.

girl does kick back

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