Hips dips, 5 things you absolutely need to know


They are called hips dips or even violin hips. A peculiarity that makes every female body unique. And that it is important to learn to love and value. To feel even more confident and beautiful

You know that recess which, depending on the shape of your body, can form at the height of the hips, between the hip and thigh? Here, this physical characteristic, also called Hips dips, it is absolutely not a defect or an accumulation of fat (as is often thought). Nor is there anything to hide. But it is one physical peculiarity absolutely normal and that, just like all the others, can and must be enhanced.

Not a part to be demonized, therefore, but a distinctive and beautiful element of your body. A strong point, to show off with pride. Exactly like the model Bella Hadid that from perfect hips dipper, has made it a real “fashion” and certainly one feature to be proud of. Here, then, everything you need to know about hips dips, to learn to love them (for those who still don’t) and enhance them in the correct way.

What are the hips dips

The first thing to know for those of you who have them and also for those who think they are a defect to be eliminated, is that the hips dips they are absolutely normal and depend solely on the physical conformation of the person and by genetics. And more precisely from the height and shape of the pelvis.

Nothing to do with weight, then. But an anatomical feature that creates this wave (more or less pronounced) between the hips and thighs. A wavy design reminiscent of the shape of a violin (from the English hips means hips and dips, in fact, violin). And which, exactly like music, can embellish making one’s figure even more beautiful and sinuous.

Hips dips are absolutely normal

Many wonder if the violin hips are “normal” or if they depend on the lifestyle or diet one follows. The answer is yes, they are perfectly normal and, as we have seen, they do not have nothing to do with weight or the amount of fat present in the body (which instead concerns the classic love handles). But they depend on a bone factor and, therefore, not editable.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that hips dips characterize the body of many women, regardless of whether it is more physical muscular, curvy or skinny. And in a very personal way. Precisely for the fact that the shape of the pelvis is unique, different for each and not modifiable (just like for the other bones of the body), the hips dips are able to give a touch of exclusivity to your body. A distinctive feature to be valued and loved.

hip dips anatomy

Violin Sides Vs Love Handles

If on the one hand, as we have seen, the hips dips derive from the bone structure of the body (and from the constitution) it is good to consider that, on the other hand, the love handles with which they are often exchanged are quite another thing. Specifically, the latter are formed for a accumulation of subcutaneous fat which is deposited in the hip area.

Password: reduce

Precisely for this reason, for those who wish it, by taking care of their diet and practicing the right exercises, it is possible to reduce them and, consistently, eliminate them.

hip dips hips

Exercises for hips dips

Be careful though. Because also for hips dips there are targeted exercises. Obviously these won’t make them go away (and why they should then) but they are able to enhance them and make them even more beautiful. How? Firming them and increasing tone of the hips or lower body (legs, buttocks, etc.). An easy way to soften the accent on this area and make it more curvy.

hip dips sport

Among the exercises to practice there are:

  • squats, with or without weights;
  • the lunges;
  • leg raises.

A workout that will help you to enhance the part (not to eliminate it) and that, in general, will improve your physical health, regardless of the conformation that characterizes you.

Hip dips squat

How to choose the best clothing

A great way to highlight and honor this detail of your physique is play with clothing, choosing the right lines and fabrics. This can be done even if, for various reasons, you prefer to mitigate or hide your hips dips.

hip dips clothing

To enhance the violin hips, therefore, opt for low-waisted trousers, which accentuate the wave, skinny pants or tight leggings. But also the sheath dresses that follow the lines of the body and better if in light fabrics.

The thick ones, in fact, would cause the opposite effect. As well as high-waisted trousers or dresses in soft fabrics that emphasize the waistline by diverting attention from the hips. All measures that make the wave under the basin less visible. Notwithstanding that everyone can dress as they like.

hip dips clothing 2

Why love hips dips

As seen, therefore, just as there are ways to accentuate and enhance hip dips, there are also other ways to minimize them. A bit like with breasts, more or less prosperous, legs, buttocks, etc. All parts of the body which, however, in fact, differentiate us. Giving us uniqueness.

This is why it is important to stop and ask ourselves: why should we hide a beautiful part of us, which, together with everything else, it helps to make us even more special? Much better to learn to love every single detail that characterizes us.

Without fear and without the obsession of having to change (especially where it is not possible to do so). But enhancing its beauty and exclusivity. Made of shapes, colors, details and the power of one’s self-esteem and awareness.

hip dips love

And that to the sound of hasthtag like #hipdips and #bodypositive it will help, even those who do not yet know it, to discover how beautiful it is to love every part of themselves. A trend to follow and that never goes out of fashion.

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