Hime cut, the 2021 trend haircut


Coming season, coming haircut, is now a certainty. With each change in temperature, a new trend appears in terms of hair, whether it is new colors or, in fact, cuts.

After years in which the undisputed master was the bob, in all its forms, with a short, but intense, “kingdom” of the pixie cut, in this 2021 hair fashion seems to have only one name: hime cut. Definitely a particular cut, which can be liked or hated, but which really seems to be above any other trend in terms of hair styling.

What is the hime cut?

A little bob, a little long, the hime cut, or hime katto, is a haircut of origin Japanese which is characterized by the presence of a short fringe, highlighted by side locks, cut at the height of the cheeks or slightly below, while the rest of the hair is deliberately left long behind.

Wanting to go back to the origins of this cut, it is widely believed that it became common in the imperial court during the Heian period: hime, in fact, seems to go back to the amasogi hairstyle, i.e. the one for which the hair is worn at shoulder height. and that, when the woman turned twenty, she expected the hair around her ears to be cut in a ceremony called binsogi. The combination of amasogi and binsogi gave birth to the hime cut as we know it today.

The singer also made the hime cut even more popular in the Japanese country Megumi Asaoka, which in the 1970s made this cut its trademark. Today, however, hime has been brought back into vogue above all K-pop, or the Korean pop music culture, whose style inevitably influences the Western world as well.

How is the hime cut made?

We need to clarify one thing: the hime cut is perfect for those with naturally straight hair or for those who are very practical with a straightener and hairdryer to obtain a perfect smoothness, which is not even affected by humidity.

On wavy or curly hair, the play of volumes, which is the main feature of this cut, would be lost, without forgetting the “maintenance” problems.

To achieve it, as mentioned, the lateral locks are generally cut at the height of the chin, although the length can obviously differ according to personal tastes (binsogi very generically means “at the height of the ears”), while the hair behind is left smooth and long. To ensure an even more visible effect, you can add extension.

Hime cut: 5 tips

Although the hair must be straight, to achieve a perfect hime cut, there are no limitations on the length, although obviously the effects obtained are different, depending on whether you have long, medium, or even short hair.

1. Hime cut on long hair

Obviously a hime cut on a long starting base creates a greater contrast between the front strands, shorter, and the back strands, much longer, and is the perfect look to smooth the lines of a face with hard, triangular features, softening cheekbones too.

2. Hime cut on medium hair

To give the best of itself, the hime cut must be done on hair that reaches at least the shoulders, so that the difference between the lengths is visible; that’s why it is the ideal cut for those with medium hair.

3. Hime cut on short hair

How can you make a hime cut even on short hair? Simple, just shorten the bangs further, cut the side strands at par with a machine and leave the hair behind slightly longer, for a punk-flavored look in which, why not, you can dare even with colored locks.

4. Baby doll hime

A variant of the classic hime cut is this, ideal for those with an oval-shaped face, in which the side locks must not exceed the cheekbones.

5. A regular cut

Precisely because it is totally aimed at playing on volumes, the hime cut needs regular cuts and frequent visits to the hairdresser, to be fixed. Furthermore, as mentioned, those who do not have naturally straight hair can rely on straighteners or treatments like the one at keratin, to obtain a perfect result.

Hime cut: 7 hairstyles to be inspired by

Browse the gallery to discover some of the most beautiful hime cuts that you can inspire yourself if you want to try this particular cut with an oriental flavor.

Hime cut, a little bob, a little long, like the 2021 trend cut

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