High-waisted skirt: combinations and proposals


The history of this garment has very ancient origins but, specifically, the history of the high-waisted skirt is outlined in much more recent years.

Femininity is the word that unites all unmistakable looks that marked the fashion of the 50s: pastel colors and floral prints mark a period of rebirth, both economic and moral. It is precisely in this decade that the silhouette begins to make its way, in which, in women, the waistline is always highlighted.

In 1947 the hourglass shape was born: the wide high-waisted skirts are made with the aim of highlighting and highlighting as much as possible that “wasp waist” so pursued and sought after in those years.

This trend will then remain in vogue throughout the decade thanks also to the careful and visionary eye of Christian Dior, the inventor of the “New Look” and spokesperson for femininity. Her Ligne Corolle, in fact, it will mark the history of fashion precisely for the proposal of high-waisted models.

High-waisted skirt: combinations and outfits to inspire you

high waisted skirtThe combinations and looks with a high-waisted skirt to take inspiration from. Source: pinterest

Versatile and easy to combine, outfits with high waisted skirts are very easy to recreate. Perfect for every day is the most sporty chic combination that sees the high-waisted skirt, with midi length, combined with a soft sweater (to be reimbursed inside) and your favorite white sneakers.

For the office outfit, on the other hand, focus on sober colors but playing with the different shades and accessories: the sheath dress model, the favorite of more formal environments, is perfect when paired with a tight-fitting turtleneck or a man-sized XL shirt. To complete this look you can wear a pair of cuissardes boots in a contrasting color or a boot with a heel that flatters the figure.

For the most elegant occasions, however, it is appropriate focus on longer cuts and precious materials. If you have been invited to an event, opt for the combination of the high-waisted faux leather skirt with a tight bodysuit, kitten heels and clutch bags to show off under the arm.

If the occasion is a ceremony, the advice is to play with colors, always focusing on precious and sophisticated materials. The beloved wallet model with midi length can be combined with a blouse or a shirt with central buttons, a pair of heeled sandals in summer and your inseparable décolleté in winter.

Types of high-waisted skirt

To each his own length: mini, midi or long

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Levi’s Denim Mini Skirt

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high waisted skirtThe lengths of the high-waisted skirt: midi or long. Source: asos

The most popular model is undoubtedly the midi one, which reaches below the knee or extends to the mid-calf. Absolutely versatile, the high-waisted midi skirt can be worn on work days, precisely because its length lends itself well even in the most formal environments, but by combining the right accessories you can also show it off in the evening.

In the new Asos autumn / winter 2020/2021 catalog the beloved brand & Other Stories proposes a model in cream color, with front slit and in organic cotton. If you are looking for one ankle-length high-waisted skirt, you will fall in love with the model signed Asos Design. Proposed in the beige variant, this model has two side slits and contrasting decorative buttons.

Flared (or wheel) skirt

high waisted skirtHigh-waisted flared or flared skirt, in the day version and more elegant. Source: asos

The A-line, better known as flared, is the most versatile and used (ever!) high-waisted skirt model. Following the autumn / winter 2020/2021 fashion trends, the black and eco-leather midi skirt proposed by Asos Design, where the western style belt contrasts the more contemporary style and citizen of the skirt.

Of course they also exist the most elegant and sophisticated versions, perfect to show off on a special occasion. Soaked in Luxury offers a model with a zebra print, where the waistband is elastic. Fashion tip: being a model with a very wide bottom, to contrast the volumes, always prefer the combination with a top, a blouse or a tight-fitting sweater.

Pencil or wrap skirt

high waisted skirtHigh-waisted pencil or wrap skirt. Source: asos

The most sensual model of all types of high-waisted skirts it is, without a doubt, the sheath dress and wallet one. Perfect to complete an office outfit or to wear for an aperitif is the khaki-colored longuette proposed by Asos Design. The wrap skirt, thanks to the model with a more or less vertiginous central slit, enhances and slims the legs.

The day version bears the signature of the Missguided brand, which offers a high-waisted skirt with belt and in eco-leather, in the warm and enveloping version of burgundy, to show off with a light blue shirt or a colorful sweater. More elegant and sophisticated is instead the model in rust shades proposed by Asos Design. The central drapery gives movement to the figure enhancing the legs and, of course, the waist.

Pleated skirt, asymmetrical or with flounces

Allegra K high-waisted pleated skirt

Allegra K high-waisted pleated skirt

Perfect for both festive occasions, such as Christmas, the pleated high-waisted skirt by Allegra K is also suitable for daytime and evening outfits. Available in 17 colors, its length reaches mid-calf, elongating and slimming your figure. The perfect match? Your favorite pair of pumps on the feet and a tight top or blouse at the top, to contrast the soft volume of the line.

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high waisted skirtThe most elegant proposals: high-waisted skirt with flounces or asymmetrical. Source: asos

The high-waisted skirt also lends itself well to the most elegant occasions and, precisely for this reason, the models are covered with particular details. The flounces are perfect to show off in a party atmosphere, especially if covered with silver sequins like the model proposed by Topshop.

For a more formal ceremony, the asymmetrical skirt is the ideal solution: the high waist of the model enhances the waist, while the detail on the bottom, such as the curl of the Closet skirt, give the garment a more sophisticated mood.

High-waisted skirts in fall / winter 2020/21 fashion

high waisted skirtHigh-waisted skirts on the fall / winter 2020/2021 catwalks. Source: pinterest

The high-waisted skirt is one of the main fashion trends of the fall / winter 2020/2021 season. In recent months we have seen it combined in many different ways in street style, and the catwalks are no exception.

Short and tartan print declined in a thousand shades of green is the miniskirt by Dior, with a leather-colored belt and the logo of the maison clearly visible. Dolce & Gabbana instead experimented with midi and wool lengths, to which he combines the cardigan and the coordinated top in the shades of anthracite gray.

The more sophisticated and elegant versions are signed by Balenciaga, with a sheath dress model, long up to mid-calf and in black eco-leather, while Celine offers a dark blue model up to the feet, with contrasting gold buttons.

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