High ponytail: how to do it and 14 hairstyles to be inspired by


Some trends never die, evolve and keep returning to the fore at different times. This is the case of the high tail back very fashionable, sported in various looks and types even by celebrities.

Whether it’s soft, pulled or disheveled, it’s a comfortable, easy to do and versatile hairstyle. In fact it can give a jaunty, rock, hippy style, but it is also part of the elegant hairstyles of 2020. Let’s see how the high ponytail is made and how many versions exist.

How to make a high ponytail

Making the high ponytail is quite simple, especially if you opt for the basic version which does not require special tools and skills. For make the high ponytail you have to follow some easy steps, taking care to gradually arrange the hair so that the desired result is obtained.

For example, if you want a disheveled effect, it is important not to pull all the hair but to leave the tufts free, while if you want a pulled high ponytail you must be careful to collect and flatten each hair.

1. The most suitable hair

The high ponytail is very popular, also because it goes well with any type of hair, whether it is straight, curly or wavy. The procedure to make it is simpler and with a better effect if the hair is not just washed, when it is more difficult to get different hairstyles. This is also one of the reasons why the high ponytail has always been a great alternative when your hair is a little dirty or sweaty from physical activity.

In fact, since the high ponytail is a very chic hairstyle, to show off in the evening or at special events, there are solutions to fix washed hair, even the most difficult. For example, it is recommended to apply a little dry shampoo or natural hairstyling products such as a hairspray or a gel that does not damage the hair.

2. Brush

Once your hair is prepared, you can start by brushing it. Brush your hair it is essential for a high and perfect tail, but it is also good to do it if you want to get a disheveled high tail, because it helps to eliminate any knots, reactivate the microcirculation of the scalp and remove the hair that is about to fall.

To make a high ponytail it is important to brush your hair backwards, starting from the roots to the tips, both at the top of the head and below, bowing his head down. This process is essential because in the next step the hair will also be collected from below, so that the tail is as high as possible.

3. Collect the hair

At this point we begin to collect hair, which will then be ready to be tied. To do this it is necessary challenge them with one hand on the back of the head at the height where you want the tail. The higher it is, the more you have to make sure that the hair stays in place. With the other hand we proceed to comb them again, so as to bring them well backwards with delicacy.

The hand holding the hair must be carefully opened and closed to accommodate the new hair that is pulled back by the comb or brush. If you want to keep tufts free, this step is not necessary, or you can apply it lightly only to the base of the tail, in order to secure all the hair inside the elastic.

4. Tie the tail

Then they tie the hair that you hold in your hand, using a soft and thick enough elastic. In fact, with the high tail it is good that the elastic is resistant and not too soft, because it must have a good seal. We then proceed with the classic method of making the tail, that is to turn the elastic forming an “8” until there are enough turns for the tail to hold without pulling too much, otherwise the hair risks breaking.

5. Arrange the hair that is left out

Especially wavy, scaled or frizzy hair cannot always be inserted in the tail at the first stroke, and must be arranged later. An effective method is to use one toothbrush clean, covered with lacquer or other products, but also simply with a little water.

To comb so the hair by pulling it backwards: the comb or the brush would ruin the hairstyle, while a toothbrush with such small bristles is ideal. If your hair still doesn’t fit as you would like it, you can apply some hairpins hair color in strategic areas of the head.

6. Particular effects

Once the high queue is finished, they can be created special effects and looks, thanks to the simplicity and versatility of this hairstyle. To donate more volume you can do it i backcombed hair at the top of the head before collecting them in the tail. If you want to give instead movement and not having a flat tail, you can use the straightener or the curling iron to make soft curls, which give a more elegant look.

A very nice trick is to spin one lock of hair around the elastic. This system also shows the difference, for example, between a high ponytail made quickly to collect hair and one made specifically for an occasion. To do this, just leave an external lock of hair underneath, and then twist it around the elastic, as many times as necessary to finish the length of the hair, and then secure the final tip under the tail with a hairpin.

High tail: the types

As we said, the high ponytail is a very versatile hairstyle and a great trend back in 2020. There are different types, because you can to adapt to all hair types and to various occasions. From a sporty style to an ultra chic and elegant one, passing through a casual everyday look.

Let’s see the types of high tail more in vogue, among which you can choose when you decide to create an original and latest fashion hairstyle.

1. Pulled and without burrs

The most classic high or very high ponytail is that pulled and “perfect”, in the sense that it has no tufts left out, and is usually done with straight, curly or wavy hair but always well combed. This hairstyle is ideal when you need to collect your hair without causing discomfort in front of the eyes or on the neck. Perfect, for example, for sports, in summer when it’s hot, when your hair is dirty or shiny, but also for an ultra-glamorous evening.

2. Cotonata

A slightly different alternative to the classic tail is always backwards but cotonata. It gives a chic touch and takes little more time than normal. With the help of a comb or a brush, just comb the hair at the root in reverse before collecting it.

Classic backcombing is done on the top of the head: you can stop the hair with a hairpin or insert it directly into the tail. An alternative involves backcombing also in the middle of the head, and is the method used for the high swollen tail.

3. Inflate

The puffy high ponytail is accomplished by backcombing the hair at the top of the head and back to mid-head. Inspired by the 60s, this hairstyle is very modern, and can be completed with some accessories such as a headband, a headband or using a scrunchie, the vintage velvet elastics, also used today a lot by the VSCO Girls.

4. Disheveled

In contrast to the pulled one we find the high tail disheveled and the soft. The disheveled tail is obtained by keeping the hair just a little combed, in a natural way, tied in order to skilfully leave out some hair, and include others. This is a very trendy hairstyle, also adopted by several celebrities, as it fits well both as a casual and elegant red carpet look.

5. Soft

Even the high ponytail soft gives the same effect: unlike the disheveled one, the soft tail is made more similar to the pulled one, but letting it fall more on the head, and for example letting the hair come out on the nape or the tufts on the forehead. The casual style, which makes the ponytail look like it was done in a hurry, enhances the natural beauty.

6. With the tuft, in the middle or on the side

The high tail is also very good for those who wear the tuft or there fringe, which are left out and are valued. In fact, this hairstyle moves the rest of the hair backwards, so that the tuft, whether lateral or with a line in the middle, can naturally lie on the sides of the face.

Likewise the curtain or straight bangs are more visible with hair tied in this way. The hairstyle turns out elegant or saucy, depending on how much and how the hair is pulled in the ponytail.

7. With the braid

An original alternative is the high braid, which is accomplished by simply tying the hair into a braid after it has been tied following the steps we saw earlier. Depending on the ornaments worn and how much you choose to pull the tail, you can get a refined or Amazonian look, in any case an absolutely unique result is guaranteed.

High ponytail: 14 hairstyles to be inspired by

Soft, with the braid, super smooth, the high ponytail is the protagonist of the summer of influencers, TV and cinema stars. Both those who wear long or shorter hair, straight or wavy, we have selected in the gallery below 14 hairstyles to copy by Italian and international VIPs, who showed off a high ponytail for red carpet events or on the beach.

High ponytail: the simple and versatile hairstyle for all tastes


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