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A rubber band, a few hairpins and a lot of creativity are the essential elements to make it high chignon, which is confirmed as one of the most loved hairstyles ever. Practical, versatile and elegant, it is the ideal solution to style your hair when we don’t want to shampoo or to create an anti-hot hairstyle for the summer.

That it is made in version smooth and tidy or disheveled in a workmanlike manner, the high chignon can take on an appearance formal or informal depending on the world in which it is styled in the hair.

Lately, the stars have shown various hair looks in which the high chignon turns out to be the undisputed protagonist to show off from morning to evening, red carpet included. Thus, its typical “donut” shape can be achieved in infinite ways, taking on an elegant and chic connotation or wild and natural, just as the hairstyles of celebrities teach us.

High chignon: the types

Also called top knot, the high chignon can be made in different ways that are based on a high dose of creativity. In fact, you can choose between different types to be recreated on the hair according to your style.

High ballerina bun

Always associated with the world of dance, lo high ballerina chignon it looks flawless and tidy. To achieve it, just pull the hair as much as possible using brushes and then fix the hairstyle with gel or one fixing spray. This type of top knot is ideal for an elegant style with a timeless charm that adapts to any occasion.

High disheveled chignon

For those who want a natural hairstyle, just opt ​​for one high disheveled chignon. The secret to making this type of top knot is to leave the hair soft and then style it in the shape of a donut with the help of an elastic. The result? A hairstyle with a wild mood that stars love to show off on the red carpet together with long evening dresses, to tone down the seriousness of the look and turn towards a more jaunty style.

High chignon with bangs

In keeping with the latest hair look trends, the high chignon can be styled together with a curtain fringe to create a dramatic and dramatic looking hairstyle. In this case, the top knot will take on the classic shape that makes it knotted on itself combined with a long fringe that touches the eyes and hides the eyebrows.

High braided bun

For a hairstyle with a refined and never banal style, the ideal is one high braided chignon with a romantic mood. To make it happen, you first need to create one or more braids and then knot them together creating circular movements, until you get a donut or a large ball in your hair. Complete the look by letting some baby hair and some tufts wander around the face for an eye-catching effect.

High 90s chignon

The alternative to the classic high ponytail is the 90s chignon with tufts that fall along the sides of the face. In this case, the hairstyle will be soft and not too tidy, since the effect to be recreated must be totally natural. The result is a hair look that everyone likes, even Gen Z.

High samurai bun

A classic warrior hairstyle is transformed into the trendiest of the moment. The high bun in samurai version it is made using only the upper portion of the hair that is pulled and sorted into a pigtail to be tied in the final part of the hair with a simple elastic.

How to make a high bun

high chignonHow to make the high bun

Give her sponges for hairstyle touse of socks, there are many methods to make the high bun and they all have in common the use of imagination and creativity. The traditional method to make it consists in pulling the hair back in an orderly or soft and disused way, twisting it on the top of the head creating a sort of sphere or donut and tying it with a simple elastic and some pins or clips to fix the hair.

For alternative and imaginative methods, sponges are the quick solution to create a flawless chignon in a few simple steps. In fact, their donut shape is designed ad hoc to give the top knot a round shape. Just run your hair through it and secure it with some clips to have a high bun ready to use.

To create a messy bun style top knot, simply cut the front of a sock and wrap it around itself around the elastic. The result? A valid alternative to the sponge that will make you have a softer and more natural hairstyle.

High bun: 10 hairstyles to inspire us

From Kendall Jenner to Can Yaman, passing through Damiano David of Måneskin and Bella Hadid, there are many hairstyles of the stars to inspire us to create high bun full of style.

1. High sleek effect chignon

high chignonhigh chignonJennifer Lopez’s high bun. Source: Pinterest@glamout.it

Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest fans of the high chignon, especially if super tight and with a shiny effect. The American singer and actress wears it as a distinctive feature of her hair looks at important events such as red carpets and the American Music Awards.

2. High bun with a wild effect

high chignonhigh chignonJason Momoa with the wild effect high bun. Source: Pinterest @ manhairstyle

From the big screen to everyday life, actor Jason Momoa stays true to his wild and natural style. How? With the high wild effect chignon that represents one of the hairstyles to inspire us and to replicate on our hair.

3. Messy high bun

high chignonhigh chignonSunisa Lee and the messy bun. Source: Pinterest @ elleusa

One of the hairstyles to inspire us is the high bun sported by Sunisa Lee, the gold medal winning gymnast in the all-around gymnastics final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The athlete is the first American Hmong to become an Olympic champion and does wearing a soft top knot, not very tidy but super chic to absolutely copy.

4. High scenographic chignon

high chignonhigh chignonBella Hadid’s theatrical chignon. Source: Pinterest @ marieclaire

For a formal and elegant ceremony or event, the ideal hairstyle is a high structured and scenographic chignon. The top knot sported by model Bella Hadid on the Cannes 2021 red carpet is made up of a thick head of hair styled in a bouquet of roses.

5. High samurai bun

high chignonhigh chignonDavid Beckham’s samurai bun. Source: Pinterest @ menhairstyle

A style icon of the 90s that still today provides a series of looks to inspire us. We are talking about David Beckham who with his high samurai chignon shows off a noteworthy hairstyle on the field that can be recreated in everyday life.

6. High chignon with side tufts

high chignonhigh chignonHigh chignon + side tufts. Source: Pinterest @ vogueamerica

The American singer Leslie Grace shows off in her post on Instagram a hairstyle to inspire us and that draws from the 90s style. This is the high chignon made with a donut sponge completed by long tufts that adorn the face for an immediate teen style.

7. High banana bun

high chignonhigh chignonbana chignon by Jennifer Lawrence. Source: Pinterest @ mariecliare

Soft and not very structured is the high chignon sported by the actress of the Hunger Games film Jennifer Lawrence. This type of top knot takes on a typical banana shape with a chic and bon ton style. Ideal for evening and formal events

8. High chignon with beach waves

high chignonhigh chignonBella Hadid’s high bun. Source: Pinterest @ elleusa

Among the types of high chignon to inspire us, that of Bella Hadid stands out adorned with narrow beach waves. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the series of loose hair that goes down the neck, creating delicate waves with an elegant and romantic mood.

9. Natural high bun

high chignonhigh chignonCan Yaman and the high bun hairstyle. Source: Pinterest @ menhairstyle

The high chignon worn by the actor Can Yaman is the hairstyle to inspire us to create a natural and simple hair look. How to wear it? Virtually everything, including the beard.

10. High chignon and bangs

high chignonhigh chignonKendall Jenner high bun + bangs. Source: Pinterest @ cosmopolitan

High chignon and bangs are the ideal combo to create a versatile hairstyle that suits any occasion, from morning to night. Kendall Jenner proves it, sporting a top knot complemented by a long fringe that adorns the face and highlight the look

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