“Here are the jeans of 2018!”. But it is controversial: ugly and expensive. As soon as they were presented and put on the market, they immediately provoked indignation: “The price is a real scandal”. If you thought you saw them all, get ready …


Are you looking for an original idea to renew your look and your wardrobe? Well, this summer there will be fun, because the exaggeration will be total and those who like to dare, will be granted a practically unique opportunity. Stop to the ‘I see-I-see’, from Los Angeles come the ‘extream cut’ jeans, non-stretch denim trousers to which the cuts have in fact left only seams, a zip, loops and two pockets. To launch and put them on sale for real is the US brand Carmar which offers them for 168 dollars (about 150 euros) and on Instagram launches them with the slogan: “For those who dare to show off”. But the ‘jeans without jeans’ that leave legs and buttocks uncovered, for now have left the social media users rather baffled, who among irony, like the writer: “When you want to go to the beach but jeans are your life”, as Alistaire comments. , and indignation … (Continue reading after the photo)

“I’m sorry but those Carmar extream cuts are ridiculous,” tweeted Shalby Taylor. Meanwhile, one wonders if anyone will really dare to wear them. But in the meantime, never as in the Spring-Summer 2018 fashion and styles have proposed strong, unusual color combinations, to be tested against any prejudice. Here are the 7 best: how and why to wear them. From everyday life to ceremonies such as weddings in the summer. 1) Pink + Green: Baby Pink and Acid Green is one of the most used combinations in contemporary fashion. 2) Red + Blue: Red and Blue is the combination that recalls sportswear, a legacy of the seventies that continues to conquer. Together the two tones are very strong and are able to give modernity to the wearer. 3) Yellow and Pink is one of the most used mixes by stylists in recent seasons. It really looks good on everyone and gives a very intense light. It is a combination suitable for both ceremonies and free time. (Continue reading after the photos)

4) Turquoise + Black: it is one of the most used mixes in the history of fashion but also one of the most forgotten. 5) Red + Blue: an unusual mix of great charm. The red must be strong and bright, while the blue must tend almost to white to make the necessary contrast. 6) Orange + Pink: Another fairly new mix to try right away. It looks good on brunettes and blondes and ensures a strong but also very, very refined effect. 7) Rosa Geranium + Mustard: an unusual look that will appeal to those looking for a truly original mix.

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