He wraps his feet with cling film and leaves them ” covered ” for the whole night. The next morning, when he “ unwraps ” them, he finds a truly fantastic surprise. Come on, you’re curious to try


If you, like us, are concerned more with the idea of ​​uncovering your feet than uncovering the rest of your body, welcome. ‘And go to the beautician for a pedicure!’, Some might argue. And he’s not all wrong. But time is short, I can’t even make a phone call to make an appointment, let alone if I manage to go to the beauty center for an hour … And then I don’t feel like spending money, so much is already being spent … I could save on the pedicure… We are all in the same boat. And now, finally, some news that will make many of you happy. A special method (very particular but effective) to eliminate corns from the feet. It is also a method of eliminating warts. Really? Sure. But let’s take a step back: why do they come? Calluses are usually caused by shoes and postures; they arise on the heels, fingers and bony areas, that is, in areas where pressure is usually exerted. They should be removed even if they don’t hurt. Because, in the future, they could hurt and how. Warts? It causes her human papilloma. Read on after the photo

Ok, now the solutions. Let’s start with the calli. Soak your feet in hot water and baking soda to soften them, then scrub them with a pumice stone. If you repeat this once a week, your feet will improve visibly. For a shock treatment, however, you should try the vinegar and onion wrap. What do you need? Two slices of onion, white wine vinegar, cling film. And then? Simple: dip the chopped onion in the vinegar then place it on the callus; wrap with plastic wrap and put on a sock. Read on after the photo

Sleep like this and, in the morning, scrub with a pumice stone and rinse with warm water. Finish with a moisturizer and that’s it. Feet to scream. Vinegar is also important to remove warts naturally. Proceed as follows: dip some cotton in the vinegar and apply it to the area where the wart is; cover with a bandage, put on a stocking and leave on overnight. Repeat this for two weeks. When the time runs out, the wart will fall off on its own.

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