He gives up on shampoo and ‘converts’ to the ‘no poo’ method: “So I no longer have dry hair”


Having beautiful and healthy hair is everyone’s dream. Spend a fortune on it, no. And, another banality, washing and treating them continuously is not good for the hair. It wears it out, extinguishes it and renders it lifeless. Then? We are not here to give lessons, but we can tell you the story of the girl you see in the photo. Her name is Emma Thomson, she is 28, she comes from Surrey and has always been passionate about body building. Having been training every day for years, Emma found herself spending millions of pounds on hair products due to the post-workout shampoos she used on a daily basis. We imagine this is a problem common to all sportspeople. It happens, however, that in recent times Emma notices that her hair is no longer the same. By dint of washing the hair, despite the money spent every week on good products, the hair has changed. No longer luminous as freshly washed, but dry and lifeless. (Continue after the photo)

As many of us would do in her place, Emma thought about looking for some natural remedy online and, after reading that there were many who recommended the “no poo” method (American expression used to describe the act of not using commercial shampoos for wash your hair) has decided to “convert”. That is, no longer use chemicals to wash your hair. So she got baking soda and rye flour and started washing her hair like this: first massaging these two ingredients on the skin, then rinsing her head with hot water. (Continue after the photo)

Initially, however, he found no benefit in this alternative method to the use of traditional shampoo. After the first washings, in fact, Emma did not see any results. On the contrary: her hair looked greasy, not too clean. It just took patience apparently because, after a few weeks of treatment, the ‘no poo’ effect on her hair was incredible. Her hair had come back to life, becoming thicker and more voluminous. (Continue after the photo)

Today Emma has become one of the number one fans of the ‘no poo’ method and says she is sure she will never use shampoo again because it is rich in chemicals that are bad for the health of the hair and skin. She is certainly not the only one to have said goodbye to the traditional way of washing her hair. Kim Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, are also of the same opinion. Who feels like trying to be like Emma? Sure, it’s a radical choice but, as she says, the results are great. But if you suffer from acne, then ‘no poo’ is not recommended: it could make the situation worse as it causes sebum accumulation.

Pour a handful of coarse salt into the shampoo bottle before taking a shower and here’s what happens to her hair. Hard to believe (but real)

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