Have you tried tinsels yet? The tails of glitter extensions for a shimmering hair


Popularized in the 1990s, i tinsel hair are back in fashion. These particular extensions are very fine single shimmering strands. Do you know when we say golden specks? Here it will be the same thing, but a glamorous and sophisticated touch.

Stylists use different techniques to apply glitter extensions to their hair, but the most lasting method is the single knot, recommended by Goddess Glitter.

The application technique is very simple and takes a few minutes: take a single tinsel and fold it in half creating an oval, then select a hair along the hairstyle, hold it vertically, perpendicular to the head, and, using the other hand, position the tinsel, previously folded, horizontally behind the hair, forming as a plus sign.

The first knot we will make will be a sliding type knot. Use your thumb and forefinger and stop the hair and the tinsel bent over. Insert the thumb and forefinger of the other hand into the oval formed by the tinsel. Extend your index finger and thumb inserted into the oval and grab the two ends, then pull the ends of the tinsel in order to create a knot that wraps the hair and can slide down to the skin.
Slide the knot until you reach a couple of millimeters from the skin.

At this point, with the hair in one hand and the tinsel in the other, make two simple knots, just like you do to tie your shoes. Try to do this gently without pulling the hair or the tinsel.

Once the two knots are done, let go of the hair and grab the two ends of the tinsel, one in each hand. Gently pull in opposite directions until you hear a slight click, the knots will flatten out. This is normal and will ensure its tightness.

Each extension will stay in place until the knots naturally untie, so you can have sparkling hair for up to six weeks. For a professional result, it is advisable to pre-treat the hair with a flaxseed shampoo and a nourishing pack.

The singles tinsel hair they are designed to be low maintenance, without disrupting your daily routine. You can wash, brush and style them as you like, even using a hairdryer, as they are resistant to high temperatures.

With glitter extensions you can get very glamorous and sophisticated looks. They are suitable for all occasions, but above all they give an extra touch to your hairstyles for important moments. They are perfect for bridal hairstyles or for parties and disco nights.

In the gallery some hair styles from which you can take inspiration.

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