Harry Styles, Fedez, Damiano: the men who launched beauty lines


Beauty has no gender, “Beauty has no gender” and never before has this concept been so true. From Harry Style, a transforming singer who loves experimentation, to Damiano by Maneskin, even men today choose make-up to express themselves. And for us it’s a great thing!

Harry Styles creates his first beauty line

Face of Gucci, former One Direction, exceptional singer and pop icon. More and more rumors claim that Harry Styles has registered his brand to launch his first beauty and skincare line, obviously suitable for everyone.

Although there are still no confirmations about it, fans already speculate on the name that the line may have. The most “rated” are SHE (acronym for Styles Harry Edward and title of one of his songs from 2019) or Pleased As name with which it seems to have registered the trademark and therefore the most plausible.

Paladin of gender fluidity is of self-expression, could only create a beauty line aimed at everyone and if the name is still a secret what is known for sure are the type of products it will include.

Come on cosmetics to fragrances, passing through make-up, the new line will certainly be suitable for every type of person, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and complexion. Most likely there will also be references of enamels (passion of the singer) who loves to show off combined with his outfits.

For now we can only dream and hope that the Harry Styles line will soon be in our beauty addicted hands!

NooN By Fedez the line of glazes in collaboration with Layla

And if the Harry Styles line is still a dream, the same cannot be said of the capsule collection created by Fedez together with Layla Cosmetics, an Italian brand famous for its semi-permanent nail polishes.

And it is precisely about glazes that we are talking about, the collaboration has in fact given birth to well 6 color references (one of which glow in the dark) suitable for everyone, breaking down the gender stereotypes that do not include nail polish on a man’s nails.

Bright, bright and perfect colors for every season reflect the joy of the Milanese singer and the brand. More and more open to new experiments, Layla Cosmetics places itself with this collection in a point of prestige and admiration, going to unhinge the preconceptions related to nail polish and becoming completely inclusive.

<strong> Layla Cosmetics, </strong> <em> Noon by Fedez </em>.  Price: € 17.75 each”/><strong>Layla Cosmetics,</strong> Noon by Fedez.  Price: € 17.75 each        </p>
<h2 id=Humanrace, Pharrell’s skincare line Williams

The cantate, author of the smash “Happy” that resounded in our heads throughout the summer of 2013, founded his skincare line, Humanrace.

Inclusive and sustainable products, allow you to have a purified skin and before imperfections, thanks to the highly sought-after formulations. The product packaging is 50% made of recycled plastic and once finished, we proceed with the refill to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

The singer he declared that “the face is the result of our spirit. It is important to take care of the skin, but also to dedicate time to yourself every day ». For this reason the proposed beauty routine is very short and it only lasts 3 minutes.

Humanrace by Pharell Williams, Routine Pack. Price: $ 100 Humanrace by Pharell Williams, Routine Pack. Price: $ 100

House 99: David Beckham’s grooming brand

A true sex symbol, David Beckham has also created his beauty line, designed for all men like him who care about having beards, hair and tattoos always neat. Much more than a grooming brand, House 99 is a real community of look-conscious men who want to experiment with new products.

The line includes many references including the must haves that every man should have in his beauty case, that is: one light face cream, a self-tanner to erase the signs of fatigue, a purifying cleanser it’s a eye contour cream.

Certainly they could not miss the products designed for lovers of tattoos and of beard, two diktats of the football player, and for the hair. Beckham thus creates a masculine universe where to give beauty advice, to make the routine more effective and performing.

MAC x Michele Magnani

Not a full line but an exclusive eye palette in limited edition which contains the passion of M · A · C Global Senior Artist Michele Magnani for makeup.

The colors of the sunset meet the crystalline water of the sea, in 4 shades perfect for summer 2021.

  • Emerald Cut: An intense emerald color, which recalls the fluidity and transparency of water.
  • Red Brick: an orange that evokes the color of the sun.
  • Antiqued: a burnt rust that represents the transition between light and dark.
  • Yes to Sequins: an eyeshadow with golden reflections, just like the last rays of the sun that kiss our skin.

<strong> M · A · C </strong>, Michele Magnani Palette.  Price: € 68 (over 40% discount! Yours for only € 39 automatic discount at checkout on the siteomaccosmetics.it) <br />“/><strong>M · A · C</strong>, Michele Magnani Palette.  Price: 68 € (over 40% discount! Yours for only € 39 automatic discount at checkout on the siteomaccosmetics.it)</p>


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