Hand masks: what to do before and after application


Our hands deserve special care to always be in order even without too elaborate manicures, but what should be done before and after applying this product? Find out with us!

The hands represent ours business card because they attract attention when we relate to others. For this reason, to always be in order, regardless of the look we opt for, it is good to have this area constantly taken care of. This does not necessarily mean having long and / or varnished nails. Sometimes it is sufficient to remove any cuticles, skins and other imperfections and above all to keep the skin always soft and radiant.

A help for take care of your hands they are definitely the masks. As for the face, also in this case there are different products to use as needed and some essential tricks to obtain amazing and long-lasting results.

Let’s see what to do before and after applying hand masks to make skincare and nailcare really effective.

hand cream

Pay attention to how you cleanse your hands

A mistake that is made very frequently is not paying attention to how they clean their hands And with which products. Although it is not a particularly delicate and thin area compared to others of our body that are decidedly more sensitive, such as the eye contour, it does not mean that washing can take place in any way.

The best choice, especially if the hands are dry, chapped or red, is represented by delicate products which contain nutrients within them. This allows to respect the natural pH of the skin. But not only: if the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis remains intact, it becomes much more difficult to contract bacterial infections.

In general, to perform proper hand cleansing, it is best to use mild soap And running water. Scrub for about twenty minutes, then rinse. Then dry with a soft cloth, which allows you to prevent any cracking.

hand cleansing

What a nuisance the cuticles!

Among the things that make the hands less aesthetic, there are the much hated cuticles, which are nothing more than thickening of the skin that is near the root of the nail. To remove them, do not immediately switch to using scissors and wire cutters, as this could make them more jagged and harder.
Apply a specific cream or oil and massage the area. After a few seconds, you will feel a great softness. This will make it much easier to push the cuticles back. Remove the cuticles with a stick specific by pushing them towards the inside of the hand. When you have finished the operation, you will see that the nails will appear longer and the hands much more tapered!


Scrub for a concentrate of softness

Even for the hands the moment ofexfoliation plays a significant role in the beauty routine to eliminate impurities, make the skin brighter and softer and allow moisturizing products and any masks to penetrate deeply. The important thing is not to overdo it: do not do it more than once a week if you don’t want to get the opposite effect, i.e. excessive dryness, redness and irritation.

You can buy a hand exfoliator based on the scents and ingredients you prefer, or opt for the creation of a homemade mixture.

hand scrub

DIY hand scrub ideas

The simplest ingredients you can use to make a hand peel are lemon and it sugar. However, if you tend to eat skin or maybe you have small cuts, you risk that the fruit, which is particularly acidic, will annoy you and burn too much.
Otherwise, try a spoonful of coconut oil, one of honey, a quarter cup of sugar and a quarter cup of sea ​​salt.

After the mask, never forget about the moisturizer

The moisturizers, carrying out a nourishing action, they are essential to keep the hydrolipidic film of the hands intact. This creates a kind of barrier on the skin. Therefore, after applying and rinsing off your favorite mask, apply the most suitable fluid.
In fact, it is not convenient to choose any product for the body, but it is always better to opt for a specific one that contains all the ingredients necessary to keep your hands healthy and beautiful. In particular, these creams usually contain glycerine, sericin, antioxidant vitamins, panthenol And allantoin. They are also very frequently enriched with natural oils such as argan, coconut or avocado oil, or shea butter.

Especially if you often suffer from dry hands, always keep a cream with you, in your bag, in the office or in the car and apply it several times a day.

hand cream

Hands should also be protected from the sun

Well yes, as well as the feet, even the hands can get burned! It is an area that, when it comes to defense from the sun’s rays, is very neglected. Instead, even in this case it is necessary to apply one cream containing SPF to prevent spots, redness, as well as premature skin aging. It is in fact a part of the body that carries the signs of time with it a lot and in which wrinkles appear quickly.

Using adequate protection also helps you to have more hands shining And young.

hands sunscreen

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