Halloween Look – Super Tips with False Eyelashes by Lucat Beauty


The long-awaited Halloween celebration, the Halloween, is coming and the Lucat Beauty, a specialist brand of false eyelashes, gives tips on how to choose the ideal type for each costume and achieve a striking look beyond powerful.

The models of the brand are handmade, with human hair and hypoallergenic, thus ensuring naturalness and the necessary comfort to stay in character throughout the party.

Which Halloween costume suits you best?

Powerful and resolute

Hollywood's hit, Malévola is a modern and up-to-date option for Halloween parties. To feel confident and determined as the character of Angelina Jolie, the Lucat Beauty indicates the model in the 2D version, 218. Its volume is intense in all its extension providing a striking and classic look.

These eyelashes call for a clean and striking makeup, just like Malevola. So the classic black eyeliner with red lipstick is a good option! For it can be combined with an artistic outline, trademark of the character.

2D # 218 by Lucat Beauty for Halloween

Mysterious and sexy

With interleaved, long-length tufts, the 3D model BM-R 2344 gives a bold, natural look, perfect for turning into a witch in the best sensual style for this one of the most requested costumes of the time.

In make can be used several shades of purple! One idea is to blend purples and roses into the look, creating smoothness, and betting on closed grape-style lipsticks, for example.

Lucat Beauty 3D # BM-R 2344 for Halloween

Delicate and romantic

Playful, with a hint of magic, no doubt, the fairy is a Halloween classic. For makeup to be striking yet subtle and graceful, the Lucat Beauty bet on the 3D BM-R 1972. This is the only one in the market that has the brown color, its wires are misaligned.

Be sure to add a lot of sparkle not only to the eyes but to the entire face. Fairy magic can be achieved by using wet-looking illuminators and iridescent pigments! Also, don't forget, of course, glitters in the eyes.

3D # BM-R 1972 Brown by Lucat Beauty for Halloween


More Eyelash Information Lucat Beauty can be obtained through Instagram @lucatbeauty or through https://lucatbeauty.com.br/

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