Hairstyles for long, loose or curly hair: 10 ideas


They are definitely the cross and delight of every woman, there are those who could not do without them and those who, on the other hand, consider them only a nuisance. Let’s talk about long hair, of those Rapunzel-style hair that, if they make the eyes of many shine, especially of those who find themselves struggling with a very slow growth, are often the curse of those who can show them off.

Long hair is unquestionably beautiful, but it requires an extremely punctual and one “maintenance” specific beauty routine, so that the base does not become an intricate forest of bristly split ends and never lose softness and brightness.

In summerFurthermore, they can represent a nuisance of no small importance due to the heat that literally sticks them to their backs and shoulders, although pony tails and tails of all kinds can come to our rescue to overcome this inconvenience.

And what about the night, when the loose hair is pulled, wrinkled, until it often ends up with a shapeless mass in the morning?

Small everyday problems aside, however, long hair has its own charm, and is the dream of many women. Bring them looseHowever, it does not necessarily mean showing an always the same look: here are some simple hairstyles for loose and long hair that you can all do at home.

Simple hairstyles for long loose hair

We start from an assumption: it natural style is back in fashion, therefore also “imperfect” hairstyles with a disheveled look, left to fall softly on the back and shoulders, are on the agenda. Let’s see some of the best hairstyles to show off every day:

Loose hair and beach waves

It is certainly among the most popular hairstyles, especially for the summer, because, as the name suggests, they recall those natural waves that are formed when we go to the sea, and the salt fills our hair.

One is enough to make them plate or a hair iron, but remember that the result must be soft, so after making the waves, break them up by passing your fingers through them and “unkempt” your hair.

Loose hair with pigtails

You can make a single thin braid near the parting of the hair, to create a sort of “circle”, or an oblique one that binds the strands of the fringe. Again, you can do some small braids taking strands of hair at random on all lengths, to have a gypsy air.

Loose hair with a zig zag parting

Instead of the usual middle or side line, the zig zag line, made by moving the locks with the tail of a comb, enlivens the look giving it a jaunty air.

Loose hair with parting in the middle

There middle row however, it does not lose its charm, remaining ideal whether you wear straight or wavy hair.

Loose hair with the side parting

This line immediately infuses a more sophisticated and bon ton air to the look, and is also a trick to give volume to the roots.

So far we have given advice to those who have a smooth or slightly wavy hair, what to do to keep their hair loose and long if you have an indomitable curly hair?

Hairstyles for long curly hair

In reality, even those with afro curls or curls can find many ideas to leave long hair loose but not always look the same. These are some examples:


We are not talking about a real backcomb, but to “pull” a part of the hair, generally the one behind the ear, stopping it with hairspray, gel and hairpins so that the hair above is even more voluminous and “swollen”.


It is a timeless classic for any type of hair, and even for curls it can be made low or high, or you can opt for one chignon, which always gives a very elegant and tidy result.

The braids

Curly hair lends itself very well to various types of braids, softer or decidedly tighter. You can make braids starting from the base of the neck, like a fishbone, or have a large low braid with a deliberately disheveled effect.

Ceremony hairstyles for long hair

The ceremonial hairstyles are obviously not only for the future brides, but also at invited, who want to look beautiful and tidy. With long hair you can really indulge yourself by creating particular hairstyles, ranging from rock to glamor. Let’s see some of them:

Modern braids

We are not talking about the classic braid, of course, but about braids deliberately left soft and embellished perhaps with light points, or with braids that frame the upper part of the nape, creating a sort of headband made with your hair. The braid can be centered or lateral, both of which give a truly elegant result


It is definitely one of the favorite ceremonial hairstyles: if you don’t like the idea of ​​leaving your hair completely down, you can always pick up a part of it, creating a hairstyle in full boho chic style, pinning the locks on the back of the neck, maybe later having “tied” them together in a soft torchon, then leaving the others wavy.


The most popular crops for ceremonies are obviously the chignon: high, low, central or lateral, often left soft with locks that go down and embellished, also in this case, by points of light.

10 hairstyles to be inspired by

To be inspired by the ideas we have proposed, browse the gallery, where we show you some of the hairstyles we talked about.

The 10 best hairstyles for long, loose and curly hair

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