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Tagli capelli autunno/inverno 2019/2020: da quelli cortissimi alle onde lunghe

What will the haircuts that fashion has reserved for us for this autumn / winter 2019/2020? As always you will find some old acquaintances who, however, are accompanied by new and unmissable trends, which will make you dream and show off super cool hairstyles!

Medium and short cuts will triumph thanks to their multiple personalities and interpretations, as well as the perfectly asymmetrical and central line, true protagonist of the next cold season. Even the beloved long bob, which reconfirms itself as an undisputed must-have, is renewed and shortened, transforming itself into a practical but always ultra-chic length, which leaves part of the nape and neck uncovered.

Natural, light and free waves are the undisputed protagonists as regards the long haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020, while for short hair, on the other hand, the clean and geometric cut will be the rule to follow.

Natural and cheeky allure: medium hair cuts

haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020Medium haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020. Source:

Fall / winter 2020 will be a golden season for medium haircuts, even if the long bob, the flagship of this category has always been shortened just enough to get closer and closer to the short size.

But how to show off the perfect medium cut? This year geometric moods and symmetries appear among the most popular trends: the catwalks suggest a long bob with a smooth and even styling, with a well-defined central line, as proposed on the Oscar De La Renta catwalk. this type of cut will however also be appreciated in its longer version with wavy and wavy styling but not too defined, as by Giambattista Valli, and also for the autumn / winter 2019/2020 it will be the natural allure to dictate the rules.

The central parting is undoubtedly the winner, but we must admit that the bangs are also an excellent choice. Which one to choose? Undoubtedly, the trends focus on a long and full fringe that almost covers the eyes, but even here variations and different interpretations are admitted, especially based on individual needs. From the saucy bangs, perfectly symmetrical and slightly short like the one proposed by Aniye By to the longer, fuller and jagged one seen by Carolina Herrera.

Long haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020

For some time now you have surely noticed it walking through the streets of cities or on Instagram: this year, VIPs and hair stylists are celebrating long hair like never before. Lengths, even the most extreme ones, are back in the spotlight!

haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020Long haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020. Source:

For the long cuts autumn / winter 2019/2020 the trend to follow will be the central parting and styling at par, even better if slightly wavy, but next winter’s trends allow for multiple interpretations. Very popular also for the cold season natural and soft waves like the blondes seen on the catwalk by Elisabetta Franchi and the light brown by Peter Pilotto, with a look that is always fresh and anything but defined and flawless.

But even hairstyles with XXL volumes will be celebrated properly: as seen on the Wei Huang and Rodarte catwalks, this year the long hair is accompanied by the parting in the middle and by long and endless cascades of soft and fluffy curls. If the geometric cut is undoubtedly the most fashionable even in this long size, even the scaled cuts get a decent place. After all, this type of styling helps not only to best enhance faces and features, suggesting greater harmony in the face, but gives movement to your hair.

Clean and geometric cuts for short hair

haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020Short haircuts fall / winter 2019/2020. Source:

A beloved category, so much so that it has gathered among its increasingly admirers, short cuts proposed for autumn / winter 2019/2020 I’m gritty, clear-cut and perfectly geometric. A wild, jaunty and cheeky soul is the mood proposed by Coach that highlights light waves and a central line.

Countless celebrities and supermodels had already anticipated it during last season: the perfectly matched bob with center parting will undoubtedly be among the coolest choices in terms of short size haircuts, especially if equipped with short and not too full bangs, like the one proposed by Genny.

The now hugely popular also emerges in this category pixie cut, which will satisfy those who want to change and give a clean cut to your hair. Let yourself be inspired by the mood recreated on the Rodarte catwalk: irregular cut, slightly scaled and with just hinted bangs, the pixie cut conveys the idea of ​​movement and lightness.

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