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For many years the hair wicks They have been an essential part of a woman's style, as it can reinforce or completely ruin it, so it is not something that should be taken lightly before making any change of look I recommend you go to different stylists before asking for suggestions and Also quotes.

That if at once I tell you that there are different costs so you should consider several, the more hair you have and the longer it will cost you more, in addition to maintaining a hair with wicks It can be expensive for maintenance treatments and stuff. Based on the above I want to give you a little help with the best hair wick styles 2020, I hope you like it.

Classic wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

Image source: therighthairstyles

This style of wicks is the classic par excellence the design is very discreet and it is perfect for mature women, the change can be moldable if you do not want it to be very extreme I recommend that you paint the wicks on your natural hair without modifying the base, in change if you want something more extreme I recommend that you paint the base of a harmonious color.

Balayage Wicks + Californian Wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

Image source: flair

Before the unexpected boom of the Balayage wicks triumphed Californian Wicks that proposed a contrast of color in our shocking hair that gradually became the favorite of many women, later they began to make combinations of these two styles of balayage wicks with Californians that consisted of taking a little higher light color and leave the tips more loaded.

Bronze Wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

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The most famous bronze wicks which delevinge face put so much in fashion every time they like them more, it is an original proposal where blond shades are changed to brown, brown tones, that's why the name bro for brown and for blonde.

The good thing about this style is that it looks good on both blonde and brunette girls.

Balayage wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

Image source: luciasecasa

One of the most famous hair wick styles of the moment are the balayage wicks They are super flattering for young girls and up to approximately 35 years since they give a very jovial aspect to your image. You can choose different shades from the lightest to the darkest depending on what change you want

Flamboyage wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018


Image source: fasbest

Today is one of the most used techniques In hair color as they allow you to get a very natural look in your hair you decide the degree of clearness you want in your hair, also in what amount you will apply it. Find ideal recommendations for your skin tone and features You will love this option!


The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

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Reflexes are a subtle option for those women who want a change but discreet, it can be for girls who have virgin hair and do not want to make a chemical process too strong. It can also be an amazing option for older women who want to give their hair a cute look.

Ombre Wicks

The best hair wick styles 2017 - 2018

Image source: zibamoon

The ombre hair seeks to focus only on the tips of your hair creating a greater contrast with the rest of your hair, usually the girls with blond hair do more.

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