Hair wax: how to use it, the benefits and the best ones

Cera per capelli: look definito e ordinato tutto il giorno

Hair in order, arranged, not “electric”, shiny, without frizz and possibly like that throughout the day. It would seem like a mission impossible, proof of a professional hair stylist and expensive salon products. Actually just enough a good hair wax and a little patience in using it.

Hair wax: what is it for?

Hair wax is a styling product that, like gel, serves to shape the hairstyle, but unlike the gel it is not a fixative and gives a more natural and elastic look, without a “dry effect”. In fact it has the advantage, unlike the gel, of not hardening the hair. And it’s not sticky.

It also allows you to style your hair strand by strand with much more ease and precision. It has a soft texture to the touch, which allows you to put each section in its place thus achieving the desired effect, without electrifying the hair and leaving it shiny.

Hair wax: how to use it?

The hair wax is applied to dry (or at most slightly damp), combed and clean hair. Just take the product, rub it lightly between your fingers to warm it and make it malleable and then distribute it evenly on the hair. It is important to make sure that the product does not create unsightly lumps. The wax is applied starting from the roots and reaching the ends, giving each strand the desired effect and movement.

On curly hair, it can be helpful in defining each curl. On short and scaled ones it can define the tips for a more jaunty and lively look. For those who fight against thin hair, on the other hand, it can help to give volume, if applied in a modest amount to the rootline.

Little secret: hair wax is actually great too eyebrow fixer.

Hair wax: benefits and contraindications

The wax makes hair very shiny and is more suitable for long hair than short hair. In this case, in fact, there is a greater risk that the product lands on the scalp, preventing the skin from breathing.

One of the problems that wax can cause is that of make hair look greasy: this annoying effect is certainly due to excessive use of the product, which traps the sebum on the skin. It is always better to proceed in small quantities, which are also easier to wash off.

In this regard, the main contraindications to the use of wax also concern one inadequate cleaning action. The product, in fact, goes away only with shampoo, it is not enough to simply brush the hair. And the washing phase is very important precisely to preserve the health of the scalp, which could be affected by an accumulation of product which over time, oxidizing and breaking down into potentially irritating substances, generates dandruff, itching, dryness.

Indeed, together with the shampoo, to remove any residue it is advisable to also use lemon juice or vinegar.

Hair wax: the best

The first waxes put on the market had a rather hard consistency, the paste was difficult to shape with your hands. Today the market certainly offers a wider choice and consists of very easy to use products at an acceptable price.

There are also several variations. First of all, a distinction is made between chemical wax is natural. The second comes from oil and plant extracts: for example, carnauba wax is obtained from the leaves of a palm tree, but aloe vera, almond oil and jojoba oil based waxes are also very functional.

Obviously, to preserve the beauty of the hair, a product with a natural formulation is to be preferred, because in addition to aesthetically shaping the hair, it also nourishes the hair delicately, without stressing it.

Then there is hair wax compact is that liquid. Among the most innovative there is also that spray.

1. Matt Wax Tommask

hair wax

Malleable hair wax, for a soft and defined result. Apply to damp or dry hair, both long and short. Perfect for sculpting and disciplining long-lasting hair.

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2. Moine Water Max

hair wax

Wet-look hair wax, non-greasy and defines hair throughout the day.

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3. Biopoint Styling

hair wax

Water based wax. Models and polishes the hair, ideal for a wet look. Contains UV sunscreens to protect the hair fiber from sun damage. It is recommended to apply on dry hair.

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4. Bed Head Tigi

hair wax

Long-lasting and highly fixing wax.

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5. L’Oreal Stylista

hair wax

Mouldable look and matte effect for a natural result. It does not grease the hair and is pleasantly scented, thanks to the pomegranate extract.

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6. Vision Haircare Spray Wax

hair wax

Micronized hair wax, in spray bottle. Easy to apply and buildable effect.

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