Hair trend: yes to short. Here are the cuts for winter 2018


New year, new trends. Also and above all for the hair that deserves various chapters. From color to cut, fashions change from season to season, you know. The same thing happens in the beauty world, must haves are not just an exclusive of shoes, bags and company. So all doubts are gone: for this cold season it is ideal to show off a short cut. Comfortable, practical, jaunty and above all very fashionable. Of course, very short hair does not suit everyone, but luckily for us this winter 2018 brings with it different types of trendy cuts, also dedicated to those who are afraid to dare or totally give up the hair that, let’s face it, often it also protects from the cold. And then we go from the great comeback of the bowl cut, the bowl cut, to the very short pixie cut, passing through the deconstructed bob and the wavy bob. Let’s start immediately with the Bowl-cut which was the top in the Sixties and was made famous by the model Peggy Moffit and later by Linda Evangelista, an icon of the Nineties. It is a cross between a bob and a tomboy cut, without scaling and with rounded tips on the inside. It can be all full, or shaved at the nape and full in the center, just like a bowl, with chunky bangs. Highly recommended for those with regular features, straight hair and not too thick, in order to avoid the hateful helmet effect. Do you have personality to sell? It’s the cut for you, perfect on platinum blonde but also on black. (Continue after the photo)

Don’t you fear the cold and love very short hair? The Pixie-cut in a very parade version on the tuft or with the side fringe is the advice for a rock and jaunty look. From Jennifer Lawrence to Rhianna to Gwyneth Paltrow, all crazy about the Pixie-cut, which is also recommended for those with curly hair because it is very easy to manage as well as giving a glam touch. Another protagonist cut of this season is the deconstructed bob, dynamic, jaunty and suitable for those who do not want to dare with too short cuts. It is nothing more than a bob or yoke scaled on the sides that plays on a contrast of empty and full to lighten particularly heavy hair and give greater harmony to the hair. Excellent even if the hair is wavy or curly because the scales make it easily manageable. (Continue after the photos)

Let’s go on with the Swag which, usually, is designed as a medium-long cut, but also makes a lot as short. But it is essential to remove the tips and leave the upper part of the neck full. Furthermore, the fringe must be long, up to the eyes, or open with a curtain. It is a very scaled and disheveled medium-short cut that gives volume and is enhanced to the maximum with wavy ends (for those with very smooth hair, just use the iron). The stars who chose it? Dakota Johnson and Alexa Chung. Let’s close the trends chapter with the Wavy bob. It comes just below the ears and is characterized by a soft style given by the wavy effect. And scaling. Even in the case of the wavy bob, in fact, no to straight and regular lines and yes to shades, especially on the lower part. It’s a cut that fits perfectly on oval and slightly edgy faces. On the other hand, those who have a round or square face should opt for its longer version, the long bob, to soften the features. Have you chosen your cut for this winter 2018?

“It’s the color of 2018”. On the run, all to the hairdresser! No, it is not the usual color, never seen brighter hair and in fact it is literally depopulating

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