Hair thermal protector: what it is for and the best


Every day our hair is subjected to the stress of chemical and atmospheric agents that alter its natural shine and body. In fact, smog or the use of colored dyes can make thick hair frizzy and dry taking on the typical “straw effect”.

The excessive and prolonged use of hairdryers and straighteners to style our hair is also one of the causes of premature aging of the hair fiber that is so damaged to the point of creating the infamous split ends. The heat protector for hair is a product that repairs them and protects them from the high temperatures of styling tools.

What is the hair heat protector used for?

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The thermal protector is a cosmetic product designed ad hoc to protect the hair from the heat emitted by tools for fixing the style such as hairdryer, plates is curling irons. In fact, high temperatures cause micro damage to the hair, causing it to become brittle and fall out over time. As a result, a fragile hair appears less and less bright and resistant and takes on a high degree of opacity.

For this reason, the hair heat protector is a valid beauty ally that allows you to create a protective film that anchors itself to the hair fiber, protecting it from any external aggressions.

Hair thermal protector: how to use it?

The thermal protector must be applied to the damp hair immediately after shampooing, by spraying it on lengths and on spikes and leaving out, instead, the roots. In this way, it will protect the hair from the heat of blow-drying while also ensuring a perfect style.

This important hair care and beauty product can also be used on dry hair just before proceeding with styling to show off a visibly healthier and stronger hair.

However, some formulations can weigh down the hair, therefore, it is always better to opt for heat protectors composed of natural ingredients or that take into account the particular type of hair on which they will be applied. For example, those with fine and thin hair should prefer products that protect against temperatures without silicones as they weigh down the hair creating the unwanted wet effect.

The types of heat protectors for hair

Over time, thermal protectors have undergone profound transformations in terms of formulation and functionality to meet the needs of every hair. In fact, there are different types that have the common purpose of protecting and polishing the hair. However, adding some specific ingredients to treat certain hair types.

Usually in spray format, it is possible to choose between thermoprotectors studied ad hoc to allow one immediate ironing and eliminate frizz. For unruly hairOn the other hand, thermal protectors with Jojoba oil are available that can regulate them, facilitating their combing without losing their natural volume.

For the dry and dull hair many formulations contain natural ingredients such as Argan or coconut oil that deeply hydrate the hair, guaranteeing shine, softness to the touch and strength from the first applications.

DIY hair heat protector

The art of the spignatto is a trend now widely known among the hobbies to be practiced comfortably at home and which allows you to create cosmetic products with easily available ingredients. Thus, for those who like to mess around in the kitchen, it is possible to make a totally natural thermal protector with the ingredients of the pantry.

Just prepare a bowl with inside:

  • a few sprigs of rosemary finely chopped;
  • a few drops of juice lemon;
  • two tablespoons of Argan oil you hate Jojoba;
  • two tablespoons of balm without silicones.


  1. pour all the ingredients into a saucepan with 250 ml of water and lemon juice;
  2. bring the saucepan over the heat until it boils, it will take about 10-15 minutes;
  3. leave to cool;
  4. pour into a container equipped with a spray to vaporize the DIY heat protector on damp hair.

Hair thermal protector: the best 4 products

There are several types of heat protectors for hair, each with formulations and ingredients that form unique products designed and created to satisfy every hair need. Here are the best 4 products to buy online.

The cheapest

Adorn Thermoprotective Spray

Thermal protector for all hair types

The Adorn thermal protector protects the hair from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners. A product in spray format with a sweet and enchanting scent that makes the hair soft and shiny, facilitating any combing and styling.

3 € on Amazon

8 € save 5 €

Format of 150 ml

Thermoprotective Repair Spray with Keratin

Ideal for hair that breaks

The Phyto line thermoprotective spray is designed for brittle hair that breaks. Contains natural ingredients such as keratin and hyaluronic acid which repairs the hair by protecting it from the heat of drying and straightening. In this way, damaged hair regains strength and shine thanks also to the action of the thermo-active natural grape extract which restores elasticity to damaged hair.

€ 14 on Amazon

19 € you save 5 €

Protects up to 210 °

SteamPod Milk Thermo-protector

Ideal for long and thin hair

Steam-Pod heat protection milk is a product designed to protect long and fine hair from the high temperatures of blow dryers and straighteners. It acts up to 210 ° and contains pro keratin to give a nourished effect to thin hair without weighing it down.

€ 9 on Amazon

Nourishing Thermal Protector

Kerastase Nutritive thermal protector - 150 ml

Ideal for dry hair

The Kerastase heat protector is designed for dry hair and is applied to damp hair with the help of a towel, massaging it gently. Contains silicones and thanks to the Iris Royal complex it deeply nourishes the hair, restoring its strength and shine.

25 € on Amazon

Afro hair: how to discipline them with the heat protector

THE Afro hair they are characterized by a natural and wild style and represent the symbol of freedom of expression and of always being yourself. Knowing how to treat Afro hair is not that simple and often many hair stylists are not able to manage it.

This particular type of foliage, in fact, is usually composed of thick and porous hair difficult to comb, but that make a dent in everyone’s heart. Afro hair represents the hairstyle of the 70s and 80s back in fashion and which expresses a message of freedom and equality.

But how to discipline Afro hair? Just wash them a maximum of twice a week with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner assisted by the action of a heat protector based on nourishing oils that gives this unruly hair a high dose of elasticity, hydration and nutrition.

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