Hair, the trend color is that of mulled wine


The new year arrives and with it, punctual as a Swiss watch, also the new beauty trends. Hair chapter: how are they doing? What are the most fashionable colors to show off? A change, every now and then, is there and there is no need to overturn the connotations, because some trends are aimed precisely at all hair and, consequently, at all personalities. Those who opted for a ‘head shot’ with 2018 will surely have already heard about the color that is already depopulating among fashion addicts and which is now all the rage: metal, which is not just an exclusive of make-up. Sparkling hair like never before with the ultra bright dye and metallic effect. The trend is attributed to Guy Tang, the Los Angeles-based hair stylist who created shades such as purple, bronze and silver, all in a metallic key. Well, you don’t need to take a flight for ultra-fashion hair. To be at the top this winter and in general for 2018, L’Oréal has already launched an ad hoc line, Majirel The Metals, which includes four new metallic shades: Silver Star, Crystal Ash, Pink Ash and Hi-Lilac. (Continue after the photo)

They say they are colors suitable for everyone, because it is possible to concentrate the vibrant color even on a few strands, thus obtaining beautiful iridescent reflections without having to distort your look. So it is a trend that can be customized to best enhance each face. On a short and jaunty cut, but also on long hair, with metallic-toned reflections. The nuances, then, are different, clear, cold, luminous, and the most popular tones are those of silver. But let’s face it: not all of them have this courage. And not all of them also want a radical change. Then? Another round, another trend. Which, as we read on Cosmopolitan, focuses on a warm and natural hair color to cope with the cold of winter. (Continue after the photos)

Another seasonal novelty, in fact, is the one that is inspired by the color of mulled wine, the warm and fragrant wine with spices and citrus fruits typical of this period. It is a dark, shiny red, with purple notes and warm undertones, which suits both brunettes and blondes perfectly. Those who already have red hair, then, have an advantage: this is the perfect color for winter! Also in this case, as above, there is no need to dye the entire hair. It is in fact a shade that is also suitable for creating reflections or for creating a colored ombré on brown hair. Imagine what effect also on hairstyles, such as buns and braids?

“Wonderful!!!”. Arisa strikes again. After the very long hair that conquered the fans, the singer surprised everyone with a crazy surprise. Her face is no longer the same and now the road to change is taken: “Well done it was time!”

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